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Last Updated:  1st June, 2023

Our global platform is built on trust. We ask that your reviews are informative, useful and honest. Below are the principles of what we look for in a review, and how they will be monitored to assist you to support our vision of being the world’s most trusted breath community of practitioners where clients and consumers can seamlessly access services to improve their health and wellbeing through the power of breath.

Our review framework enables you to offer genuine and unbiased feedback as a way to acknowledge our highly qualified practitioners, share relevant knowledge and information to others who may be seeking our services, while interacting within our community Code of Ethics and contributing to building trust within our global breath community.

By posting a review on the BreathFinder platform you agree to abide by our policy.  We reserve the right to remove or not approve a review in whole or in part that violates our Content policy, community Code Of Ethics, Acceptable Use Policy or Terms and Conditions of the BreathFinder platform. These policies may be changed and updated by BreathFinder from time to time.

What makes a good review:

Reviews should be informative, share your personal experience and be unbiased.  A good review can be an acknowledgement of a great customer experience and may assist with the decision making process of others.  Reviews build trust when provided from a reliable source, and this often occurs when the review is relevant, useful and unbiased.

Below are guidelines to assist you with writing an impartial and honest review.

  • Ensure your review is personal and written from your own first-hand experience. To facilitate posting a review, you will be required to set up your own Members Dashboard Portal on our platform.
  • Do not include any clinical aspects such as the specific symptoms or the reason for seeking treatment; the specific diagnosis or treatment provided by the practitioner; or the specific outcome or the skills or experience of the practitioner either directly or via comparison.
  • Make sure that all details shared are relevant, useful and easy to read.

We encourage reviews on customer service and communication style, and recommend the below when providing a review.

  • Overall experience:  Use our 1-5 heart rating system to give an overall review on your experience.
  • Quality of Service:  May include: practitioner approachable, friendliness, cleanliness of the venue, facilities, accessibility, parking, and ease to locate.
  • Quality of Care:  May include: practitioner demonstrated empathy, respect and steps took to develop trust within the client/practitioner relationship.
  • Level of professionalism:  Did your appointment run on time, were you made to feel comfortable and safe, payment dealt with appropriately, follow up appointment if required, and did you feel seen or heard in a confidential manner.
  • Communication:  Were your needs discussed and was an appropriate action taken and/or plan to address agreed, was the overall experience conducted in a professional manner.
  • Recommend:  Would you recommend the business, practitioner or breath coach to a friend, family member or colleague.

By submitting a review, you warrant that the review is your own work and based on your own first-hand experience. A review must not be abusive, defamatory or disclose personal information about an individual. You consent to BreathFinder editing your review for grammar and spelling, to remove references to clinical aspects and other minor changes to conform with BreathFinder’s guidelines, terms and policies. However, we will not edit a review in a way that would make it false, misleading or deceptive. 

Neither will BreathFinder selectively publish or edit reviews that could result in a false impression of a treatment or practitioner or misleading or deceptive conduct.  Once you post a review you consent to BreathFinder or a practitioner making use of such review in other materials, including making copies or republishing it.     

How we moderate reviews:

A review can provide useful and relevant information, and it is important to ensure the integrity of all details shared on the platform.  If it is deemed that a review does not meet our community Code Of Ethics, and is in violation of our Content Policy or is irrelevant to the reviewer’s experience of BreathFinder, we moderate to ensure integrity and trust within our platform.

Misleading Reviews:

Your review must not overstate or exaggerate the effectiveness of a treatment in alleviating a medical condition.  Each review requires it to be from a personal experience, and if the review is deemed to be biased, abusive, defamatory, has been submitted to cause harm to the reputation of the business, practitioner or breath coach with no legitimate basis, or was written without any knowledge or personal experience of the practitioner and the treatment provided, then we would deem this review to be misleading and it would be removed. 

Review Disputes:

Once submitted, the review will be provided to the practitioner for a right of reply before posting, and this may lead to it being disputed by the practitioner.

This does not mean that BreathFinder would not share reviews that may reflect a poor customer experience, however, it does need to meet our community Code Of Ethics, Content Policy and be written from a personal experience.

If there is a dispute, to ensure integrity, the BreathFinder team will investigate all details provided to ensure they are impartial, and with no ulterior motive and that it meets our policy standards before posting the review to the platform.  You can read more about our Resolving Issues Policy.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about this Reviews Policy, please contact us via email.

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