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BreathFinder serves as the No. 1 premier platform for expanding your reach within the Breathwork Community we serve.  You can now own a piece of real estate or sign up to a membership plan on with a Professional & Business Profile. 

Breathwork Niche:  We focus solely on Breathwork & your Areas of Expertise. This means that every contact made with your business is from someone who wants to learn more about you and book one of your service offerings.

Trusted Partner: As a member, you are treated as a partner. We want you to Succeed and Grow your business. with this ethos, we want to be a natural extension of your Life and Business to help you further build your Presence, help increase your Brand’s Visibility, showcase Credibility, Build Trust and Reputation.

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Holistic Approach: we propose taking a more holistic approach to your marketing strategy, broadening your exposure across the internet and our community.  When someone reaches one of our pages as a source for guidance, make sure that your Business is the first they see when they make the decision to reach out for help.

Make a lasting First Impression: Our website attracts a unique niche of consumers who may not have heard of your business. Your comprehensive Profiles allows potential customers to make an informed decision without leaving our site. This is a powerful way to introduce yourself to a whole new audience and leave a lasting positive impression.

Affordable Advertising Plans: Our advertising plans are designed to be cost-effect, requiring an investment less than the price of a glass of kombucha a day.  It’s a practical and impactful strategy for expanding your business’s visibility within the community.  By advertising on our site, our primary goal is to amplify the visibility of your brand, enticing individuals to explore your website or page.

Questions: we understand that you may have concerns, that’s why we have answered your questions to help you make an informed decision.  Please click here to read more to questions asked and how we addressed them.

More Benefits:

Boost Online Visibility & Improve Search Results: increasing your online visibility is crucial in today’s market. Your listings on our site can enhance your search engine ranking, improve SEO, and elevate your position in local search results.

This exposure ensures that your name and business is in front of as many Global & Local audiences as possible.  Studies show that consumers often need to see repeated exposure before deciding to engage with a business.

Scale Your Business Strategically: with a broader audience, you gain the ability to strategically scale and align your business goals. This might involve hiring more people, ease of collaboration, opening new locations, or even appealing to a more affluent demographic, allowing you to charge tailored prices and premium rates.

Ensure Long-Term Sustainability: even industry giants like Coca-Cola and Amazon recognize the importance of ongoing advertising for Sustained Success. To reach your business’s full potential, consistent and targeted advertising is key.

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Expand Your Reach:

Flourish & Grow: we help you promote your business online to get more bookings by directly connecting you and your business with customers seeking Breathwork solutions.  Visitors can seamlessly transition from your listings on our platform to your website, social media channels, ensuring a cohesive and compelling message.

Do-Follow Links:  we will publish your Profile listings with dofollow links that point to your website and social media channels of your choosing.  A “do-follow” link tells Search Engines this link is Good and we don’t mind if the links help you rank higher.  This can also help build your website’s reputation with search engines like Google.

Added Value: not many websites will offer “dofollow” links as part of their ad package. We believe that helping other people is the best way to grow. The links you will get from your listing profiles on BreathFinder will provide great value to your organic search rankings.

Increase Clientele & Selectivity: a larger pool of potential clients allows you to be more selective in choosing your customers.  Traffic from our website will be highly qualified potential customers. Establishing a robust online presence across various platforms is crucial for sustained growth and long-term success.

If you would like to explore additional promotional packages to reach further.  You can learn more by contacting us.

Mind The Gap!

Bridging The Gap: our platform serves as a complementary addition to your existing strategies, helping fill in the gaps in your local and international reach within the Community.
Global Audience: Breathfinder is a global platform where Breathwork Service Providers and clients find each other.  America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and more. This is where we help people choose high-quality services to match their Breath Health & Wellness needs.  Your business can be placed on our Country & Regional landing pages to gain even further exposure in your local area and globally. 
Who are our Seekers? Your friends, colleagues, neighbour’s and breath lovers. We attract real people from all over the world. Our online platform is an essential hub for consumers to explore, connect and book Breathwork professionals who share our passion and commitment to Breath health and wellness.

LIST & CONNECT Your Professional & Business services ALL IN ONE PLACE.


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Trusted & Approved Badge:

Once Approved on the platform (Learn more here about our Onboarding process) you can showcase our Trusted & Approved Badge on your website and social media channels as an Endorsement, highlighting the extra steps taken to gain Verification and Approval on BreathFinder.  You can learn more here about why a Trust Badge is important and the Psychology behind it. 

Build Your Profile:

Beautiful Profiles: A professional profile that is search-engine optimised and includes your specialties and expertise, practice logistics, and experience. Your profile is designed to showcase your skills and strengths. 

Your Own Webpage: Your business cannot afford to be without an effective web presence. No need to incur the costs and hassle of establishing and maintaining your own website. We help Increase your brand’s visibility, showcase credibility, and build trust. 

Insights & Analytics: Our multi-service platform provides you with analytics specifically for your listing and results of your listing. Want to know how your listing is performing? Using our built-in dashboard, track page views, bookmarks, clicks and more. 

Transparent Reviews: Reviews are highly effective and regarded as trustworthy which helps build customer confidence and engagement. You can also grow your reputation and take care of your clients by responding to all reviews which helps you rank higher on multiple search results. 

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No Booking or Commission Fees:

Affordable Investment: we pride ourselves on offering super affordable advertising solutions.  Our aim is to earn and retain your business, focusing on your long-term success.  We offer plan options to suit your business needs, whether you are an independent practitioner or multi-disciplined business schools.

Maximize Your Online Presence: Listings are paid for in advance as a once off fee or annual subscription package depending on your needs.  Our plans are priced at less than the cost of a glass of kombucha a day. It offers exceptional value, a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising channels. The best part? Your listing works for you 24/7 on our site. 

We Offer Value: save money on advertising and marketing at an incredible value which is tax deductible. Drive more meaningful engagement and grow your business. This helps compliment your other SEO-optimization and will gain increased brand awareness for your business.

Starter Subscription

£67.00 for 1 year

Share more info about your business or brand. Increase your exposure with more listings, connect with people, all while saving time and money. More customization and control for your business to drive more traffic.
Professional Profile

Business Profile

Foundation Subscription

£99.00 for 1 year

Share more info about your business or brand. Increase your exposure with more listings, connect with people, all while saving time and money. More customization and control for your business to drive more traffic.
Professional Profile

Business Profile

SuperCharge Your Brand!

Level the Playing field with competitors: Being listed on our platform ensures you maintain a level playing field with competitors who have already claimed their spot. You deserve the attention in your industry, and we are here to help you secure and expand your market share.

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We've Got You:

Personalised Support: we help you build a customised online profile that best reflects your unique brand and services. our Onboarding Team will provide you with on-going support to update your profiles and assist you with marketing your business.

Your Success: We are whole heartily committed to the growth and success of your practice on our platform.  Our streamlined process is quick and easy and will allow you to sign up within minutes. See the benefits of our marketing strategies as soon as you sign up, while you provide the information and let BreathFinder do the rest.

Don’t Have Time: let us look after you with a dedicated Success Manager to help you build your profiles and maximise your ROI.  We handle the setup and keep your listing up-to-date, making edits and changes as needed.

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FAQs: Insights About Joining

Questions you may have before signing up to our platform.

About Us:

We are a global social, community platform that is committed to sharing the art and science of breathwork as a tool of self-empowerment, healing and transformation using the power of breath as a daily holistic wellness practice.

Our purpose is to be a global facilitator of breath health and wellness practices through access, education and advancement of breath complementary therapies.

Our Mission:

We are a movement with a noble calling, inspired by the breath and grounded by bridging breath seekers to practitioners in our community breath collective that makes a lasting impression on this Planet. 

Together, we’re a collective of heart-centered human beings – conscious creatives, dreamers, and healers – welcome to our community.

Our community is based on relationships and all decisions made and steps taken will be with this in mind.

Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Your business profile promotes you and your business to potential customers and includes your business contact details and information about your services and areas of specialisation.

Each profile is accompanied by photos to best showcase your business.  If you would like a larger business profile to maximise your online presence, we recommend our Foundation plan.

Having a business listing | profile can complement your business website especially if your website is still new or is having difficulty getting traffic and leads. By adding your website’s link on your profiles with a dofollow link (A “do-follow” link tells search engines that this link is good and that you don’t mind if the links helps them rank higher.) that points to the url of your choosing.  This can also help build your website’s reputation with search engines like Google.

Your business listing profile on BreathFinder website enables you to showcase your business and services. We work with you to build your profile based on information you provide about your business including your services and areas of expertise, your business contact details and location. Think of this as all the information you would need to market and promote your Breathwork health and wellness business. You would also need some visual elements to ensure your listing profile engages consumers, with your business logo or profile image and photos representing the services you offer.

Yes. All our membership plans include assistance with setting up your page and ongoing support throughout your membership with us.

Yes, you can change or update your business listing at any time using your member portal here.  We understand that running a business means that our members are often time poor and for this reason we provide you assistance with updating your profile content, no matter what plan you have purchased.

At BreathFinder, building trust is at the core of our brand. As a quallfied Breathwork Service Provider, you have been meticulously selected and have passed all five stages of the BreathFinder Qualification process.

Once approved, it is important your profile remains current and reflects any relevant changes that may have occurred in your business. You can update your details directly by logging into your dashboard. All significant changes and/or documentation will be required to be verified before being added to your profile.

To ensure quality control and maintain the integrity of BreathFinder’s reputation, our team will also conduct annual reviews of our Breathwork Service Providers profiles. If there are any significant changes, we will be in contact to discuss any remedial action needed to be taken.


Association memberships, Foundations and qualifications

Memberships of associations, foundations, education and training, qualifications may have changed after your profile was approved. You can submit any documentation to support these changes directly through your dashboard. Once received, it will go through our vetting process and verified before reflected onto your profile.

Once approved, you will be able to connect the appropriate qualification to the relevant service offering.


Underlying everything we do is a behavioral science research approach and data-centric thinking that enables us to direct clients to the right practitioners. We empower clients in a number of ways from using our Robust Filters (search) system that will guide clients to specific practices to try and the Breathwork Service Providers that specialize in them, whether they are close in location or have a remote offering. Search filters are determined but not limited to such as by location, client preferences, and reviews.

We invite our practitioners to contribute original written content to increase their exposure through events, courses, videos, reviews and articles as a subject matter expert and industry thought leaders.

Other opportunities to share your knowledge and contribute to the BreathFinder community are available.  Please contact us for more information.

By joining BreathFinder as a practitioner, you benefit from our comprehensive marketing, brand and communications programs, developed and run by our team of experts in content generation, social media, SEO, digital marketing, email marketing and public relations. Our marketing is designed to help you amplify your personal brand reach, grow your business and generate clients.  BreathFinder has a dedicated, proactive marketing and communication team who manage the social media channels, create marketing and PR campaigns, produce consumer newsletters and work in multiple ways to promote the platform to ensure maximum reach.

You can learn more about all the reasons to join on our Why Join page.

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Thanks for saying hello.

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