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Bridging the gap between you and our users.

BreathFinder is there for you.  Let’s get to know each other and help your business reach the stars.  To start with, Breathfinder is a global platform where Breath practitioners, businesses and clients find each other. America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and 30 more countries — this is where we help people choose high-quality services.

Who are our users?

Your friends, colleagues, neighbors and breath lovers. We attract real people from all over the world. to rate places and leave reviews.

Listing Management

Dashboard Features

You may access the Dashboard here.

This dashboard enables you to manage your account with ease. Here are its features:


This sections provides a summary of your overall performance.


This section shows all listings depending on their status.  From here you can:

Promote, Edit, See your Stats per listing, Switch Plans, Duplicate and Delete Listing where necessary.


This section shows all Listings saved and can be filtered by type i.e. Events, Videos, Profiles, Courses etc…


This section contains all listings that you have promoted on the platform.


This section shows all orders that have been placed on the platform


This section contains all current and previously subscriptions active against your account.


This section contains all active coupons on the platform currently active


Your port of call if you have any unanswered questions or feedback.


This section contains all account holder details.


This section shows you how to logout of your account when needed.

Listing Promotions

Promote Your Listing

Listings can easily be promoted by visiting the Listings area of your dashboard and clicking on the ‘Promote’ icon for any Listing you would like to Promote.

You can select from 2 different Positioning packages which best suits your needs.

  1.  Boost Promotion
  2.  Elevate Promotion

See the following for a more in depth description.

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How can we help?

Thanks for saying hello.

How can we help?