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The Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) is a leading international organization committed to promoting excellence in the field of breathwork. As breathwork gains traction as a transformative practice for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, GPBA stands at the forefront, advocating for high standards in professionalism, ethics, and training. This article delves into the mission, structure, and impact of the GPBA, illustrating its pivotal role in the breathwork community.

Understanding GPBA:

GPBA is dedicated to promoting high standards of practice, ethics, and education within the breathwork community. The alliance serves as a unifying body for breathwork practitioners, providing resources, support, and a framework for professional development.

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About the Founders:

Jessica Dibb is a co-founder and a key figure within the GPBA. She is known for her extensive work in the field of integrative breathwork, which incorporates various psychodynamic principles, movement, meditation, and expressive modalities. Jessica is also the founder, spiritual director, and principal teacher at Inspiration Consciousness School and Community, where she has been facilitating breath-centered trainings for over 25 years. (Inspiration Community)

Alongside her, Jim Morningstar, a psychologist and author, has also been instrumental in the alliance, contributing his expertise and helping shape the GPBA’s educational and ethical standards. (Jim Morningstar)


Mission, Vision and Goals:

The GPBA is dedicated to advancing breathwork through adherence to strict code of ethics. The alliance emphasizes the importance of breathwork as a tool for personal, relational, and planetary wellness. It strives to create a professional community that supports the ongoing development and integration of breathwork techniques into various therapeutic settings. Its mission encompasses several key objectives:

  • Promoting Excellence: GPBA aims to uphold the highest standards in breathwork practice, ensuring that practitioners are well-trained and adhere to ethical guidelines.
  • Professionalism: By setting rigorous training and certification standards, GPBA ensures that breathwork professionals offer reliable and effective services.
  • Ethics: The alliance fosters a culture of safety, trust, and respect, crucial for therapeutic relationships in breathwork.
  • Global Community: GPBA seeks to create a worldwide network of breathwork practitioners, schools, and supporters, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Training and Ethical Standards:

Central to GPBA’s mission is the establishment of clear training and ethical standards. The alliance provides detailed guidelines for training programs, ensuring that practitioners are well-equipped to offer safe and effective breathwork sessions. Ethical standards are equally stringent, designed to foster trust and safety between practitioners and clients. These standards include ongoing ethics training and mechanisms for addressing ethical violations.

The alliance has established an Ethics Committee, chaired by Jessica Dibb, to ensure that all members adhere to high standards of professionalism and integrity. This committee addresses issues related to the ethical use of breathwork, the safety of participants, and the maintenance of professional boundaries. (GBPA Ethical Standards)

Global Impact:

Through its initiatives, the GPBA aims to foster a global community of breathwork practitioners who are committed to using breathwork as a means of achieving holistic health and personal growth. The alliance’s efforts have helped increase awareness of breathwork’s potential benefits and have supported the integration of breathwork into mainstream therapeutic practices.

Membership and Certification:

GPBA offers various membership options catering to individual practitioners, breathwork schools, and supporters. Membership is structured to ensure that all members adhere to the alliance’s rigorous standards.

For Practitioners:

For Schools and Programs:

For Supporters:

  • Breathwork Supporters: Individuals who wish to support the breathwork community can join as supporters, contributing to the growth and recognition of breathwork practices globally.
  • Alliance Partners: Organizations aligned with GPBA’s mission can form partnerships to mutually support and promote breathwork.

Resources and Community:

GPBA offers a wealth of resources for its members, including:

  • Training Standards: Comprehensive guidelines for developing and evaluating breathwork training programs.
  • Ethical Standards: Detailed ethical guidelines that all members must follow, promoting integrity and professionalism.
  • Member Directories: Listings of certified practitioners and schools, helping clients find qualified professionals.
  • Community Forums: Platforms for members to share insights, ask questions, and collaborate on projects.

Impact and Future Directions:

The GPBA’s impact on the breathwork community is profound. By establishing high standards and fostering a global network of practitioners and schools, the alliance is elevating the practice of breathwork to new heights. As interest in breathwork continues to grow, GPBA’s role in ensuring quality and integrity becomes increasingly vital.

Looking forward, GPBA aims to expand its reach, bringing breathwork to more people worldwide. Future initiatives may include:

  • Research and Advocacy: Promoting scientific research into the benefits of breathwork and advocating for its recognition in therapeutic contexts.
  • Global Outreach: Expanding membership and partnerships internationally, making breathwork accessible to diverse populations.
  • Educational Programs: Developing new training and certification programs to accommodate the evolving needs of the breathwork community.

Finding a Practitioners & Schools:

The GPBA website offers a comprehensive directory of breathwork practitioners and schools worldwide. This resource makes it easy for individuals to find qualified breathwork professionals in their area, facilitating access to personalized guidance and support.

Addressing Common Misconceptions:

The GPBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting high standards in breathwork practice and education. Its primary mission is to ensure the ethical and professional delivery of breathwork services, not to generate profit​.

The GPBA is a global organization open to practitioners and schools from all over the world. It aims to foster an inclusive international community of breathwork professionals​.

While the GPBA sets high standards for training and ethics, it does not prescribe a single method or style of breathwork. Instead, it embraces a variety of breathwork techniques and encourages diversity in practice.

Achieving certification from the GPBA involves a rigorous process, including comprehensive training and adherence to strict ethical guidelines. This ensures that certified practitioners are well-qualified and professional​.

The GPBA is a well-respected authority in the breathwork community, and its certifications are recognized and valued internationally. This recognition helps practitioners establish credibility and trust with clients worldwide.

The GPBA takes its ethical guidelines very seriously. It has an Ethics Committee, chaired by co-founder Jessica Dibb, which ensures that all members adhere to the established ethical standards. This commitment helps maintain the integrity and safety of breathwork practices.


The Global Professional Breathwork Alliance is a cornerstone in the breathwork community, promoting excellence through rigorous standards and a commitment to ethics. As breathwork continues to gain recognition as a powerful tool for personal transformation, GPBA ensures that practitioners are well-trained, ethical, and professional. Through its efforts, the alliance is helping to elevate the practice of breathwork, making it a respected and accessible form of therapy worldwide.

For more information, visit the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.

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