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Change the way you recognise Learning & Progress: BreathFinder serves as the No. 1 premier platform for expanding your reach within the Breathwork Industry.  We offer a new approach to learning & progress recognition that fosters energetic engagement in your Training Program pathways.

Trusted Partner: We want you to Succeed and Grow your business. with this ethos, we want to be a natural extension of your Life and Business to help you further build your Presence, help increase your Brand’s Visibility, showcase Credibility, Build Trust and Reputation.

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Many breathwork students who graduate have struggled to find clients after completing certification through breathwork training schools.  Digital Credentials: Certificates, Badges & Micro Credentials change all that. By recognizing specific, marketable skills you can help them to bridge the gap between your training program and potential clients.

Qualified Students, Verified Credentials: Our fully customized branding solution promotes you as the face of your training certification program. You have complete control over the credential look and feel. As you start delivering verifiable certificates & badges and micro credentials, a greater number of competent students start joining your programs.

Give Graduates Confidence with Digital Credentials to provide the success mentality advancing to the next level.

Visibility on Social Media

Training Providers & Associations can enjoy ample opportunities to improve their brand image and visibility.

Everyone has a story: Our socially shareable, portable, and secure digital credentials -certificates, badges and micro-credentials are fit for an online demonstration.

Graduates & Students can easily showcase their skills on social media channels, such as LinkedIn to reach a broader audience. The instant share feature also enables Training Providers & Associations to gain wider recognition and attract new students and providers without added costs.

Let graduates and students enjoy the freedom of showcasing their skills and knowledge on social media platforms, professional networking sites, and personal websites.

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Safe &Amp; Secure


Powerful & Secure: Increase student enrolment and retention rates while providing a seamless way for learners to record and share their validated skills and achievements, our secure platform connects students & graduates with future employers & Clients.

Mitigate risk: Credentialing training providers & associations need to protect the integrity of their credentials and mitigate the risk of someone tampering with a paper certificate or credential image. Digital credentials technology provides the security needed to verify the authenticity of credentials.

Expiration: Digital credentials can be set to expire and this feature insures that only certification holders whose credentials are current and up-to-date can share their credentials. 

Reduce costs: Digital credentials eliminates labour and materials costs associated with issuing paper and pdf certificates, thus providing a large cost savings for issuing training providers & associations. 

White Labelled Credentials

We only remain at the backend, you remain at the forefront. Our customizable digital credentialing platform offers a branding experience like no other. We let you enjoy complete control over your credential header, footer, and navbar along with specially designated places online for brand promotion. Your marketing needs are sorted just by onboarding us.

You or BreathFinder as a outsourced managed solution can issue your digital certificates, badges or micro credentials from your own domain and email address with completely customizable branding on your digital credentials, as well as your own verification page.

Branding &Amp; White-Labelling
Advanced Analytics With 20+ Insights

Advanced Analytics

Our measurements and (20+) insights module allows for multiple data points about your students, graduates and allows prospects to be captured which in turn can be fed into your marketing and sales strategies.

Training Providers & Associations need to promote their credentials to other potential candidates and maintain their viability.  Because digital credentials can be shared across social networks, on email signatures and websites, they have become a powerful marketing tool. We can  help you further understand how your brand is being seen in the world.

Dedicated Verification Page:

Our Digital Credentials Management platform offers a highly dynamic built-in blockchain solution to verify digital credentials which can be used by background clients, verification agencies and recruiters. This helps in preventing huge waiting times and faster hiring of your students & graduates.

Design Studio

Powerful Design Studio

Our Design Studio allows for native design of digital credentials, certificates, badges and micro credentials which support standards such as open badges 2.0. We support integration with popular platforms such as Canva which allows for professional design to be completed or predesigned credentials to be uploaded very quickly.


Our blockchain based system makes sure your certificates are authentic and secures your brand identity and eliminates the possibility of fraud. With our multi-blockchain support you can issue digital credentials on any blockchain with your own preference.

Brand Reputation: Offering e-certificates with no safety features negatively impacts a brand image. Issue bank-level encrypted digital certificates to rightly address the situation. The instant verification system eliminates the waiting period and makes the credentialing process simple, and hassle-free.

Multi-Blockchain Support

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Integrate our digital credentialing management tools with popular learning management platforms around the world. With our easy to use integration module, connect to any app or service within 10 minutes.

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Enlist your students & graduates under our showcase directory to let them be found easily by potential employers. Connect your alumni with relevant open opportunities and help them take their careers to the next step.

Give your students & graduates the necessary push to get them hired. Create a socially visible, easy-to-trace talent pool using our all-in-one digital credentialing platform.

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The digital certificates, badging and micro credentialing management solution was introduced to BreathFinder as a Solutions Partner by HyperStack Credentials Cloud, platform used by some of the world’s top universities, non-profits, accelerators, online Edtech and training providers, medical / health care organizations to issue certificates and badges to recipients.  While Digital Credentials can be managed by Independent Training Providers as issuers, this can also be fully outsourced to BreathFinder which includes White Labelled branding and custom domain url options completely under your own Brand name.

Adopting the BreathFinder Digital Credentials solution means taking a quantum leap forward and benefiting from accelerated administrative processes relating to the issue, delivery and storage of important documents. Delivering, a digital diploma to a student, for example, can be done in a click, and the resulting Digital Credential cannot be lost or counterfeited. Requests for copies are no longer necessary, freeing up the administrative services of universities and saving valuable time for students.

A university that opts for Digital Credentials strengthens and maintains the bond it has with its graduates, and proves that it knows how to be innovative. Students can share their diplomas and micro-credentials with employers or other universities quickly and reliably. BCdiploma certificates can even be shared on social networks.

Finally, BCdiploma’s Digital Credentials are secure and authenticated using patented blockchain technology, which scrupulously adheres to data protection regulations.

The Hedera Hashgraph is an advanced blockchain infrastructure that enables the no-trust authenticity requirements for Hyperstack.

A blockchain is a decentralized database for storing data or digital documents, while guaranteeing their inviolability and durability. The storage of Digital Credentials on a blockchain allows access to them anywhere and at any time, without any constraints.

The holders of digital diplomas recorded on the blockchain can share their Digital Credentials with any entity using a simple URL link. These entities, whether universities, companies, state institutions or other bodies, have the assurance that submitted Digital Credentials are completely authentic, since nothing stored on a blockchain can be altered. With the use of blockchain technology, trust is guaranteed ! As long as the issuer of the Digital Credentials is recognized as reliable, the veracity of the documents stored on the blockchain cannot be questioned, nor can the word of the holder of the credentials.

The issuer of the certificate decides at the creation stage whether the certificate will be transferable. If so, its owner can generate a token allowing to transfer of ownership of the certificate to third parties. A token is nothing more than a key that you will be able to generate with the push of a button and send to a specified email address or download as a PDF file and transmit through any other communication channel (including paper). Once the transfer is completed, the previous owner loses access to the document.Such transfer of ownership can be done repeatedly, completely free of charge. In the case of a non-transferable certificate, its owner cannot transfer ownership to another third party.

Preparing digital credentials is easy. Anyone can design, assemble and issue a digital credential in minutes or if you like, you can completely outsource the management of your digital credentials to BreathFinder. Please use the Contact Us form above to get in touch.

A digital credential is an electronic file with uniquely embedded data. This embedded data is verified in real-time. Digital credentials cannot be copied or tampered with.

Yes, you can put an expiration on digital credentials, so that the digital credential automatically expires after a given period of time.

Yes, any digital credential that has been issued by an organisation can be revoked by that issuing organisation. This can be for any reason identified by the organisation.

It’s easy to open an account with us and start issuing credentials for accomplishments, simply fill out the form above and we will be in touch. 

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How can we help?

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