Hi I'm Jane Tarrant. I am passionate about supporting people to feel empowered to improve their own health in a way that is incremental, accessible, habit driven and based on awareness. For many this starts with addressing unhealthy breathing habits and a lack of general body awareness.

I retrain the breathing habits of over-breathers, including snorers, asthmatics and those who have anxiety & panic attacks.

12 years of corporate burnout experience & losing my way
Burn out is very real and I have personally experienced it on numerous occasions. Having been through this, I am well placed to bring awareness to the classic mistakes and lack of body awareness many of my corporate clients face. I’ve been through that feeling of “hi, my name is Jane and I have no idea who I am”.

I feel passionate about finding ways to live more of a life
Breathing has showed up time and again in my life, but I didn’t always have the awareness to make the positive changes I now make in my life on a daily basis. My passion and thirst to share, compassion and understanding what it feels like to be where you are now, is what helps my clients find their own awareness to improve their own lives. I add the insight of previous clients to my own experiences and it often shows some interesting patterns. Even better, I’m still learning and becoming more self aware!

I retrained my breathing & continue to practice breathing awareness…
Aged 7, I was sat in my room thinking “my nose is too small. I can’t breathe through it properly. Surely if this was a problem, someone would have told me.“

Breathing Retraining can help you, as it has helped me with snoring, anxiety, stress, digestion, mental focus, sleep quality, exhaustion, fitness, recovery, pain, mood and relationships to name a few. The progress I’ve made and continue to make is down to incremental changes across a number of areas. This includes increased self-awareness, breathing awareness and retraining of habits. Breathing is incredibly powerful. We can use breathing to take control of ourselves again. We can also use it as a gateway to greater awareness, confidence and habits.

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