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Empower Your Graduates to Thrive on a Global Stage

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Are you ready to transform your influence into further increasing your revenue stream or providing an additional value added service offering to your newly graduated students ? 

We have created two Pathways:

1.  Pay As You Go Per Seat Listings using our customised packages.

2.  Joining our Affiliate Program.  Increase your sales revenue by re-engaging with past graduates or newly graduated students by providing your affiliate link.

Or … why not use both pathways by building this offering into your promotional Training Program package, to include a Professional listing for one year on once certified!!

If you would like to learn more about how our Affiliate Partner Program, works, please click here.

Keep reading below if you would like to learn more about our customised Per Seat package. 

Per Seat Partner Program
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Empower Your Graduates:

Would you like to provide your newly qualified breathwork students with unparalleled opportunities to establish their practice and grow their business?

Our Global Per Seat Customized Package is specifically designed to support breathwork training schools in offering their graduates a powerful start.

Partner with us and ensure your students benefit from a global presence on, the premier platform for breathwork professionals.

Global Visibility:

Upon students graduating from your Training Program, your students will be featured on, connecting them with a worldwide audience.

Our exclusive platform allows breathwork practitioners to showcase their services, expertise, attract clients, and build their brand on a global scale.

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Why Join

Professional Profiles:

Each student will receive a professionally crafted profile and listing on, complete with detailed information about their expertise, services, and contact details. This ensures they stand out and attract the right clients from day one.

Revenue Opportunities:

Our revenue-sharing model allows you to benefit from the ongoing success of the qualified graduates you bring on board. As they grow and expand their use of our services, your earnings will continue to increase using our affiliate program pathway.

Development Opportunities: Have a unique requirement or idea? Our development team is here to collaborate with you on custom projects that meet the specific needs of your business. Together, we can create bespoke solutions that set you apart in the marketplace.

Revenue Opportunities
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Trusted & Approved:

Once Approved on the platform (Learn more here about our Onboarding process) they can showcase our Trusted & Approved Badge on their website and social media channels as an Endorsement, highlighting the extra steps taken to gain Verification and Approval on BreathFinder.  You can learn more here about why a Trust Badge is important and the Psychology behind it. 

Partner Recognition:

Your school will be recognized as a trusted and certified partner on This enhances your credibility and attracts more students who are eager to join your Breathwork Training School that offers such valuable post-graduation benefits.

Be A Champion: Partner with a brand synonymous with quality. Promote products/services that resonate with your audience and provide genuine value.  Feel confident promoting offerings that provide real value to your audience.

Dedicated Account Management: Benefit from the personalized attention of a dedicated account manager who understands your business goals and challenges. Your account manager will be your go-to resource for strategic advice, problem-solving, and maximizing the benefits of our partnership.

Partner Recognition

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Questions you may have before signing up to our platform.

Yes.  At this time, we want our Partners to be members because we feel that’s the only way to really know what it is we are offering.

The program is open to businesses of all sizes across the Breathwork Industry.  Whether you’re a small startup or an established business, if you’re committed to growth and innovation, we want to partner with you.

The sky’s the limit!

Simply fill out our application form, and a representative will contact you to discuss the next steps. We look forward to exploring how we can work together to achieve mutual success.

The Customized Per Seat Package is a collaborative initiative designed to provide breathwork schools with the resources, support, and financial incentives needed to succeed by offering our services to their students.

Unlock additional bonuses and incentives based on your performance. Your success deserves to be celebrated – let us show our appreciation.  The more successful referrals, the greater your rewards!


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