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Grow Your Practice:

Google Business Profile (GBP):  If you are not doing so already it’s time to leverage a free Google Business Profile to boost your local SEO.

Boost web SEO: An optimized Google profile improves visibility and complements a website’s SEO ranking. 

See the return of investment clearly: watch how BreathFinder can help you increase your visibility and attract new customers.

97% of consumers search for local businesses online. You can learn more here about why utilising a Google Business Profile (BGP) can improve Local SEO Visibility and help dominate your space. 
SEO experienced support specialists: we can help bring your Breathwork Business to new heights taking a more holistic approach to your marketing strategy, broadening
your exposure across the internet, breathwork community at affordable costs. 
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Prepared Action Plan:

Quick Improvements: we create an action plan for your practice location to see what you need to do to be visible everywhere you can. After we get the local search results, we use our unique algorithm, which creates practical guidelines to improve your business ranking.

Intuitive & Friendly Reports: we also provide you with precise guidelines to improve the visibility of your local business to attract more customers for less than continually paying for ads.

Digital Marketing Service: we provide rich reports to help you make informed decisions as part of our Foundation yearly subscription plan. We’ve designed our reports to be accessible to every business owner who wants to measure their actions.

Invest less in marketing:

Implement By Yourself: BreathFinder will provide ready-to-use tips. There’s no need to be a local SEO expert. Our audit report lets you improve your Google Business Profile and helps you top your local rankings without hiring a marketing agency.

At a later date, if you feel called and would like to transition to our fully managed digital marketing service please contact us to discuss your requirements. Become a valued partner where your success is our success.  Partner with a brand synonymous with quality.

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Google Maps Ranking:

Discover your position in Google: The first step to improve your local search rankings is to investigate your current visibility. We check your business name in our local search rank checker, add phrases your customers may look for and then see how visible your business is right now.

Beat competitors and become the first breathwork business in the area: our local rank tool is a great start to make sure that your company’s Google profile is 100% ready to be ranked number one in the region. Improve your local business on the local listings now.

Rank Checker: our Local rank checker tells you in which part of the city you can be at the top. This way, you will know where you can improve your local rankings before you even start working.

Track your Google local rankings:  we track the visibility of your business listing in search engines. Stay up-to-date and instantly react when your competitors catch up.

Data Driven Decisions:

Position Checking & Monitoring: our advanced position checking and monitoring tool helps build a strategy which helps you position your business and outperform competitors. 

Area Difficulty Analysis: use our Area Difficulty Index to strategically improve the visibility of your location visibility. This analysis helps to select keywords that can effectively achieve best results and reach a broader audience.

Competitor Analysis:  Stay ahead of your competitors local search rankings.  We use best practices to boost your Google Business Profile.

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Get More Clients:

Business Visibility Reports: we quickly help to evaluate if SEO efforts will improve your Google visibility which will include proposals on next steps with confidence.

Intuitive data presentation made for everyone: we begin with profile positioning by running our GBP audit reporting tool to discover what is holding back your GBP from ranking higher on Google Search and Google Maps.

Follow step-by-step instructions: no more wondering how to implement the optimization tips. Receive a bite-sized task with precise step-by-step instructions for completing it.

Protect & Monitor:

Google Business Profile Protection:  we automatically guard your business profile against unauthorized changes, ensuring your digital presence remains intact and trustworthy.

Stay safe from unwanted changes: protection from unfair local competitors who may attempt to change your name, alter your opening hours, or mark you as permanently closed. Don’t let them harm your hard earned local search rankings.

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Growth Statistics:

See what works: get a digestible overview of your Google Business Profile visibility and performance. See how many customers you have reached, how many people interacted with your profile, and how it drives you more sales.

Watch how your work on improving your GBP pays off: you’ll find tips which will help you to increase your business visibility in the region more effortless than ever. Local search engine optimization is easy now!

Increase Efficiency:

Tailored Smart Tasks: you will receive continued customized task list for the duration of your Foundation subscription plan, saving you time on manual analyses and helping you achieve better results more quickly.

Complete your goals and climb the rankings: work smarter not harder. Bespoke tasks tailored to your business needs will help you meet your marketing and sales goals – faster and effortlessly.

Google Business Profile Audit: instantly gain a complete profile audit of your Google Business Profile based on analyzing top competitors, revealing areas for improvement. Get advanced data to individually analyze leading companies and market trends for informed decision-making.

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Google Profile Wins:

The easiest & fastest way to increase your marketing budget is to use your competitor’s.

Learn how much you save compared to other marketing methods: we will tell you how much you’d need to spend for ads to get as many conversions as from your optimized Google Business Profile, totally for free!

Celebrate the work you’ve done to succeed and see how you beat competitors.

One of the must-see metrics to see if your efforts pay off is you climbing up Google’s rankings.  Find out how many competitors you have overtaken lately and since the beginning of your adventure with BreathFinder.

Local SEO Citations:

Get more people to discover you online using business citations: once your business pops up on business directories, more people will know about it. Well-optimised citations can get you two things, help your customers discover your business, and rank higher in Google’s rankings.

Discover pages where your competitors are present: Get a list of business directories and other websites that show listings of your main competitors. Use the opportunity and try to add your local business there too.

Get a custom list of citations that will help your business grow: The local citations report list is created based on your stronger competitors in the area. They are always different, 100% unique, and guarantee you greater visibility of your Google Business Profile in local search rankings.
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Get Started:

Trust BreathFinder and we’ll prove you right: learn exactly what you need to improve to boost your Google visibility by Implementing the suggestions in your business listing.

Watch your rankings in Google search and maps go up! Often, it’s all about updating the business information, taking care of your reviews, or remembering to add new posts regularly. 

Sign up today to our Foundation subscription plan, which includes our Google Business Profile Optimisation Service and start seeing results.

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FAQs: Insights About GBP Service

Questions you may have before signing up to our platform.

Using our Local Rank Checker on your site, allows us to publicly check your visibility in Google.  As a digital marketing agency to gain further insights into your Google Business Profile we will need authorisation from you to gain access as a Manager.

The process is straight forward.  You can learn more using the following guide on how to provide access either on your existing GBP account or newly created GBP account.

Google guide can be read here or read the following steps below.

  1. Go to and sign in or, in the top right, switch to the Google account that has access to the Google Business Profile listing.
  2. From the potential list of locations you might see after logging in, select the location you wish to grant a user access to.
  3. A Google Search Results page will open with the selected Google Business Profile at the top. Choose to open the menu by clicking the three dots in the top left corner and select “Business Profile settings” from the menu that opens.
  4. Select “Managers” in the pop-up that opens.
  5. Click on the “Add” button so that you can grant access to new user.
  6. Enter the email address provided and select the correct user role “Manager” you want to grant to the new user and click on “Invite”.
  7. We will get an email invitation to manage your business, and by clicking “Accept,” we will have access to your Google Business Profile.
  8. That’s it.


Yes, we help customers that don’t have a GBP to create and verify business listing.  Our Foundation subscription plan includes this service.

Having a BreathFinder business listing | profile can complement your business GBP especially if your website is still new or is having difficulty getting traffic and leads. By adding your website’s link on your BreathFinder Profiles with a dofollow link (A “do-follow” link tells search engines that this link is good and that you don’t mind if the links helps them rank higher.) that points to the url of your choosing.  This can also help build your website and Google Business Profile reputation with search engines like Google.

By Utilising a BreathFinder Professional & Business Profile and making use of a Google Business Profile, this will help you to boost your local SEO.

We have included our GBP Optimisation service in our Foundation subscription package as we wanted to go the extra step to help business gain further exposure in their city and region.

We want you to succeed which is part of our success as a Breathwork Community platform.  

We provide keyword position tracking in our GBP optimisation service which will guarantee your business to rank better locally and get more customers.

Our technology platform for Business Profile Protection helps protect your GBP from Google updates also prevents any unlawful claims on your GBP account.

We help you find important local keywords, their search volumes, important and ranking specific to your business.  

In our reports we help to track the ranking of your competitors on different keywords and also compare their Profile Strength, Photos, Reviews, categories and more.

Yes, you can inform us to replace and add keywords to track or let us suggest keywords suited to Breathwork niche to rank your Google Business Profile with Competitors.

With our advanced rank positioning checking and monitoring tool, we can continuously monitor the impact of your actions to improve and compare your business position and outperform competitors.

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How can we help?

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