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BreathFinder serves as the premier platform for expanding your reach within the Breathwork community.  You can now own a piece of real estate on with a sponsored article. 

The process is straightforward – simply provide us with engaging content (minimum 1000 words), and we’ll handle the rest. 

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Expand Your Reach

Expand Your Reach

We will publish your content with a picture and a dofollow link (A “do-follow” link tells search engines that this link is good and that you don’t mind if the links helps them rank higher.) that points to the url of your choosing. The article will contain a “dofollow” link and you are also allowed 1 “dofollow” link within the copy itself.

Boost Your SEO

Boost Your SEO with Sponsored Content 

Unlike other platforms, BreathFinder offers invaluable dofollow links as part of its package. We believe in fostering mutual growth through collaboration. The dofollow links embedded within your sponsored article will significantly enhance your organic search rankings, ensuring lasting visibility. Plus, these links are permanent – no hidden clauses or fleeting promises.

Boost Your Seo
Content Is Power

Content Power

Leverage the Power of the BreathFinder Platform for Content Promotion

Your content will be presented alongside a captivating image and a dofollow link, indicating to search engines its credibility and enriching your online presence. Additionally, you can include one extra dofollow link within the body of the article. 

The links are permanent and with the one time service fee, your sponsored article will be published on BreathFinder forever. No gimmicks or tricks.  

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If you would like to learn more, please use the following link to further discuss details to ensure we are a good fit.

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Keyword Research

Bonus: Keyword Research

As an extra bonus we will perform 1 keyword research on your article to help. Simple as that!

Our primary focus has always been to provide community. It is amazing what the platform is becoming.


What better way to highlight your expertise than by helping educate the audience, by contributing detailed, on-trend content, you’ll help grow your visibility and also help other learn within the community.

Our answer is – Everyone, who belongs to the following categories:

Those, who want to increase their brand’s reach and visibilty.

Those, who want to reach out to Breath Lovers & enthusiasts.

Those, who want to tell their story and think that our audience will be the best to hear them.

Those who want to gain exposure for their work in a new, growing audience in the health and wellness realm.

If your content is great, consider it published. Make sure to –

Write error-free, plagiarism-free and well-structured post.

Content should be unique, spell checked and make sense.

Make use of correct facts, grammar, and spellings.

Non-promotional & Affiliate links will not be accepted.

Avoid spam or broken links in the content.

Add copyright-free images of high-resolution at least 1 (Mandatory).

Minimum 1000 words in length.

Articles must be related to our categories or target audience. We don’t publish irrelevant category.

Write in a casual, personal, yet knowledgeable style, as if you were talking to a friend who’s really into Breathwork.  

Aim for clarity above wit, though you get extra points for managing both. 

Use subheads, images, lists, blockquotes, and other structural devices frequently.

You must have the right to use any image you include, and each should include a caption. Just make sure every image you include actually supports your point(s), and isn’t just there for decoration.

Ask yourself these:

“Is my article inspiring and informative?” The posts that we feature are all informative and educational. If your article is non-inspiring and non-informative, then it’s not for us.

“Has it been published already” Your piece must elaborate on a certain aspect that we haven’t covered yet or didn’t get the attention of our readers.

“Does it have a great title?” Our readers are busy individuals. You need a catchy headline to grab their attention.

“Am I offering value?” Our readers come to our website to seek the latest news about Breathwork. They also visit our site to find answers to their woes. That said, you should cover tips that can be easily implemented by our readers. But the tips must be actionable, clear and precise.

“Does it contain needless words?” If it does, delete them. Take a good look at your piece and make sure that it only includes necessary words.

“Is it a self-promotional post?” Sorry, but we don’t accept this type of post.

“Is it current?” Our audience loves to read what’s new in the world of Breathwork. If it is not current, then it’s not for them.

Yes, Terms & Conditions will be sent after upfront proposal has been agreed to move onto the next steps.

Our Editorial Team team is committed to assisting you every step of the way. Whether you have questions or need guidance, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks for saying hello.

How can we help?

Thanks for saying hello.

How can we help?

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