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BreathFinder is the leading Breathwork Digital Credentials Agency. 

BreathFinder serves as the No. 1 premier platform for expanding your reach within the Breathwork Industry.  

In today’s digital age, the landscape of education and professional development is undergoing a significant transformation. Traditional paper & pdf certificates are being supplemented—and sometimes replaced—by digital credentials.

Among these, digital certificates, badges, and micro-credentials are leading the way, offering innovative, flexible, and reliable methods for recognizing, validating and showcasing an individual’s skills & achievements.

We are a third party digital credentials issuer and verifier, therefore we verify your certificate or micro-credential with the training provider to ensure validation.  Once verified we then proceed to issue the credential to include all criteria’s met to obtain the credential which is built into the metadata and is tamperproof once issued.  This is a great way to showcase your credentials to potential clients, organisations and collaborators.

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Increase Lifetime Value of Clients

Digital Credentials are a reflection of your dedication to learning and skill development. When used effectively, they can set you apart from others and open up opportunities on your professional journey.

Digital Credentials recognize your achievement and help you turn one-time buyers into loyal clients. 

Show your work:  Every digital credential comes with metadata baked in which describes exactly what you did to earn it.

Credibility: Key attributes such as metadata with issuer information, issuance date, and criteria for recipient eligibility make digital credentials credible tools for confirming certificate authenticity. You can say that they have become a more detailed method of verifying a person’s achievements compared to traditional paper diplomas or pdf certificates.

Global Professional Standards: Digital credentials support professionals in maintaining a competitive edge by aligning their skills with global industry standards, making it easier for clients, employers and collaborators to assess qualifications across borders. 

Benefits for you...

Recognition and validation: Digital credentials serve as a digital representation of the skills, achievements and experiences you have gained.  

Skill diversification: With digital credentials, you can showcase a wide range of skills.

Competitive advantage: Digital credentials gives you a competitive edge by differentiating you from other applicants, as it demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and personal development online.

Prepare for Discovery calls: Be ready to discuss the skills and knowledge you gained from earning your credentials. Use concrete examples to illustrate how they’ve been put into practice.

Networking Opportunities: Digital credentials often come with the possibility to connect with others who have similar interests or skills, enhancing professional networking opportunities.

Enhanced Professional Profile: Adding digital credentials to a resume or LinkedIn profile can significantly enhance a professional’s visibility to potential employers.

Your verified skill profile: When you get awarded a credential, you also attain verified skills. These skills are automatically added to your profile, and help you showcase your abilities to the world.

Display your credentials on your CV and social profiles: Add your digital credentials to your LinkedIn profile, personal website, or digital CV. This will make your achievements visible to potential clients and employers. 

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Everything in one place

There’s a story behind every credential which you can share with future clients, organisations and collaborators.  

Store: all your achievements, certificates and awards in one place. No more digging through your drawers to find that one certificate.

Digital verification: Breathwork Provider’s want the added value of being able to digitally share their credentials with others who can instantly verify them with a single click. 

Portable Proof of Skills: Digital credentials can be easily shared and displayed on social media digital platforms, making them a portable and verifiable testament to a person’s skills and achievements.

Share: anything from your entire profile, or just one credential with whoever you need to. One link, done.

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Achievements: Present digital badges, micro-credentials and certificates professionally and memorably for easy storage of achievements. 

A lifelong learning ledger: As a Student & Breathwork Provider you can store all your credentials from different Training Schools in a single secure place, building a comprehensive view of your achievements to potential clients, Associations and Training Providers for Pathway learning and CPD.

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Safe &Amp; Secure

Boost your career

Showcase your achievements & Skills in our directory and be found easily by potential employers. Take your career to the next step.  Create a socially visible, easy-to-trace talent pool using our all-in-one digital credentialing platform.

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FAQs: About Digital Credentials

Questions you may have before signing up.

A digital credential, unlike a PDF credential, is interactive, shareable, verifiable and legitimate, and gives credibility to both the recipient as well as the issuing authority.

A digital credential is a documented proof showcasing and attesting certain qualities, qualifications, achievements, or attributes. Blockchain technology enhances the security and verifiability of such electronic certificates and credentials.

PDF Credentials hold little to no value as they are easy to fake or be tampered with, and validation is impossible, whereas digital credentials issued by BreathFinder can be verified and issued.

The digital certificates, badging and micro credentialing management solution was introduced to BreathFinder as a Solutions Partner by HyperStack Credentials Cloud, platform used by some of the world’s top universities, non-profits, accelerators, online Edtech and training providers, medical / health care organizations to issue certificates and badges to recipients.  

BreathFinder Ltd uses a platform called Hyperstack Credetnials Cloud to issue and store digital credentials. Every credential you earn through Hyperstack (or any open badge provider) can be stored in your wallet / portfolio. 

A digital badge provides employers and peers with a description of the certification, as well as a list of the skills and criteria required to earn the credential.

You can share your Credentials individually, or you can create and share collections of Credentials to demonstrate your achievements. This can be done be generating a link, sharing to social media or LinkedIn or by embedding directly in your website 

Credentials can be public or private. If you don’t want to make your digital credentials public, you can easily configure your privacy settings in the digital credentials platform. You’re in complete control of your information.


The credential confirms the authenticity. Nowadays, it is very difficult to check whether a credential has been forged – blockchain is a solution.

Thanks to the distributed ledger nature of blockchain technology and its ability to track every change or transaction performed, it allows verification in real time. Anyone with access to a digital credential can authenticate the information and source mentioned.

BreathFinder brings trust and transparency into the market by offering the highest possible level of security and making use of contemporary technological advancements.

Shortly after earning your credential, providing your certificates or whatever that may be, you will receive an email notification with instructions for claiming your digital credential and setting up your account.

You can access the digital credentials any time by clicking on the ‘Digital Credentials’ link in your email or by logging into your own wallet on the platform.

Your digital Credential is an electronic file with uniquely embedded data (metadata). This embedded data is verified to you as the earner in real-time. Digital Credentials cannot be copied or tampered with.

Issuers that put an expiration on your credentials, particularly for professional development based organisations, the credential will automatically expire in line with the dates set out by the issuer.

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How can we help?

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