​​​​​Chris Wurden is a Professional Breathing Consultant and Resilience Coach. Chris began his life in a full state of debilitating nervous system overwhelm that put him in the hospital over 25 times starting at the age of 2.5. His breath, mind, and body were his greatest enemies... His life became a quest to heal his trauma and turn his greatest weaknesses into his greatest strengths.
Presently, Chris has dialed into the most essential practices human beings can use to expand the capacity of their nervous systems and thus their abilities to live fuller lives. He artfully and passionately guides people to directly expand their capacities to embrace the full intensity of Raw Energy (Sympathetic Nervous System) and of Surrendering/Relaxing (Parasympathetic Nervous System).
No matter where you begin... he will show you how the breath and your nervous system can become your most powerful tools... so that you may expand your own capacity to live the fullest life you could ever imagine.
Chris is the owner of Essential Breathworks LLC and offers online breath consultations, personal coaching packages, workshops, multi modality collaborations, and retreats.

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