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Essential Breathworks. To empower humanity by sharing the most effective wellness tools and practices available. By educating people like you about the biological process of Hormesis (the same adaptive response that strengthens our muscles after working out) I can teach you to strengthen your physical, mental, and emotional resilience using natural and effectively free positive stressors.

Our breath is essential to being alive. Teaching you to breathe properly, to balance your nervous system, and find the power of your breath is central to my company’s mission. Our conscious ability to regulate our breath opens the doors of health, awareness, and the power to influence how we feel and act in every moment.
I cultivate environments that empower people to peel back the layers of thought, anxiety, and fear reconnecting them to what has been there all along… their deepest most powerful authentic selves.

What are you waiting for? Let’s unwind lifetimes of generational pain and empower humanity together!

At Essential Breathworks we combine transformational music with powerful proven breathing techniques to rewire the nervous system for longevity, increased physical, mental, and emotional resilience and powerful living. Our founder Chris Wurden will transform your relationship with your breath (your biological lever) into your most essential, accessible, and free wellness tool.
We collaborate with retreat owners and wellness companies by offering transformative yogic sleep breath & sound immersions, Wim Hof Method Fundamentals courses, and Oxygen Advantage/Buteyko nervous system & breath optimization training (online & in person).

Also, genuine good vibes and a loving joyful light everywhere we go!

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To empower humanity by sharing the most effective wellness tools and practices available.

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