Hello friend. I'm Aine Kimsey (pronounced ("On-yah") . My journey into the healing arts began in 2005 after a life-changing car accident.

I was 18 at the time, and took on a ton of shame and unworthiness from being the person behind the wheel when my best friend died.

On the outside I wore the “I’m great!” mask, but underneath the pain was too much to face, so I:

✔️ Numbed by getting "hot mess" drunk every weekend and smoking marijuana like it was a full time job

✔️ Denied that I had any problems at all (I was always “fine”)

✔️ Secretly self-loathed and nitpicked every aspect of myself

✔️ Became a bottomless pit of needing external validation to prove I was “good enough,” but inside felt a gnawing sense of unworthiness

✔️ Oscillated between an urgent "need" to be numbing and partying at all costs OR feeling extreme lethargy, often spending nights watching re-runs of “Sex and the City” in my bed while eating cheese and bean tamales

I tried talk therapy, mindset work, daily affirmations and positive thinking, but would soon revert back to my old habits. I knew I needed to FEEL it in the cells of my body (not just in my head).

Breathwork and embodiment practices saved my life. For the first time in decades I felt like ME.

One breath at a time, I returned home to my body and started loving myself again.
And not just the pretty shiny parts, but the dark swampy parts too.

Now I can…

✔️ Process any emotional contraction and watch it turn to GOLD by expanding my capacity to experience heightened states of love and bliss on the other side.

✔️ Feel confident and liberated in expressing my truth and skillfully engaging hard conversations (instead of running for the hills!).. and bonus - better sleep because of it.

✔️ Befriend my anxious inner-critic and know how to soothe her when I’m doing things outside of my comfort zone (basically anytime I’m creating and sharing something edgy/new!)

✔️ Feel a deeper love and reverence for my body, thoughts and emotions and that restless sense of unworthiness has turned into a faint whisper.

From this place of radical self-acceptance my confidence, creativity and genuine Joy came bursting alive. I became a MAGNET for my dream life. The quality of my community and friendships upleveled, my partnership with my boyfriend of 7+ years grew in ways that make me weep with gratitude, and my connection to all of life feels more rich and vibrant.

I want this for you too -- and am here to tell you that it is IS possible to reclaim your wholeness and create a joyful life that is authentically YOURS!

We need embodied practices that center us, that ground and remind us of our brilliance.

We need loving guidance to gently peel away layers of painful programming, armor and masks so that we can ignite our deeper power.

I'm so passionate about helping people like you develop a new way of BEing that unlocks more bliss, open-heartedness, confidence and wholeness so you can embody your full potential every single day.

You’ll be able to use any challenge or set-back as an opportunity to experience your greater power. And when you live like this, you can literally create the life of your wildest dreams.

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Qualifications & Experience

Integrative (Transformational) Breathwork Facilitator - Jhenneviev Heartt
Body Intelligence Coach - The Hendricks Institute - Katie & Gay Hendricks
Energy Healing, Level 2, Academy of Intuition Medicine - Francesca Mcartney
Somatic Experiencing (SE) Trauma Resolution - Peter Levine
Inner Family Systems (IFS) - Richard Schwartz

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