This is Richard L Blake. He’s not a guru or some spiritual master. He’s a guy that had everything he was supposed to want and still wasn’t happy. Maybe you relate? He had the education, followed in his father’s footsteps, made money, made his parents proud and it all looked great to friends; he had a nice life. But nice is not enough.

While working in the corporate world Richard decided to get healthy. Really healthy. So healthy that he was featured in Men’s Health magazine and had many other websites, podcasts, coaches interviewing him wanting to know his story. He became a CrossFit Level 2 coach, OPEX Certified, studied nutrition at Westminster University and became a certified nutritionist with Precision Nutrition. Health became his new obsession as he sought happiness and significance.

It didn’t stop there. He sold his property company and moved to LA. Land of the healthy people. He took over CrossFit Active Performance and made it the Number 1 gym in Orange County. Number 1. What’s better than being Number 1? Not getting burned out. Having a life. Friends, family, relationships...that’s what.

Whilst all of this was going on Richard’s spiritual journey was developing. The more material success he achieved, the deeper his fascination with psychology became. Which sent him on a journey. A spiritual journey to figure out what he

This journey was both internal and external as he traveled around the world to observe different cultures, and attitudes toward work, happiness, and life. From Brazil and Peru to India and Cambodia he learned about meditation, working in ashrams and Reiki.

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