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Hi I'm Richard L Blake.

I did the work, travelled the miles, and tested countless spiritual and scientific approaches.

But it was only after my first breathwork session that I said ‘wow’.

This is it.

I couldn’t believe that more people didn’t know about this. My desire now is to share this incredible tool with you.

Conscious Connected Breathwork -
It is a self-healing modality that allows you to bring more oxygen into the body. It is like putting the body into an auto-pilot/reset mode.

It works on 3 levels:

The physical body - by bringing more oxygen in there is more energy for our cells.

The emotions - it allows past emotions that have been stored away to be processed and cleared.

The spiritual - Anything from a sense of peace and well-being to full-blown mystical experiences.

Heal the nervous system
Experts are starting to agree that trauma is not stored in the mind. Hence why people can spend years talking in psychotherapy and not have their problems change.

The trauma is actually stored in the nervous system. Breathwork allows us to access the nervous system and the subconscious mind to elicit a deeper level of healing.

Mission | Values | Vision

My desire now is to share this incredible tool with you.

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