I am David Balfe, Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Breathwork teacher and found of Dragn Yoga & Wellbeing, in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. Practicing yoga since 2013 when I discovered hot yoga. At the time, lifting weights and training in Thai Boxing, hot yoga became a perfect complement to other physical pursuits.

The benefits included improved mobility and flexibility, improved core stability and better posture. However, the most noticeable effect of this practice was a sense of increased mental calm and clarity.

During a period of sustained life challenges, I became chronically stressed, anxious and under immense pressure. I had recently become a new dad and started a new business. At the same time letting go of 20 years of life as a Dj and raver and all of the antics that came with it.

Embarking on a plant medicine retreat working with Ayahuasca in late 2014, I went on a journey of unraveling and unwinding from the point that I’d reached in my life. With new responsibilities came a new focus on the things that were important to my future and that of my family.

Yoga and meditation were repeatedly shown to me as things I needed more of in my life. It stood out as a path I could follow that resonated with me. Combining philosophy, art and science it became the antidote to the pressures of modern life.

As my practice has deepened, it has moved from being simply another challenging physical exercise, to a way of life. A way to better self-regulate the nervous system and to process and integrate emotions, a way to see and think clearly, a way to move and breathe with greater ease and less effort.

The Sanskrit root word of Yoga is ‘yuj’, which translates to ‘yolk’ or ‘unite’. By combining breath, body, mind and spirit we can unite all of these parts of us. Yoga is a pathway back to ourselves and our unique wholeness.

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