Hey there - so lovely to have you here. I’m Shanie Sim and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

I first experienced Breathwork in 2014 and it totally transformed my life.

But my story began long before this. I started my working life in the banking sector. Even though I enjoyed the structure and security of the industry, I yearned for a more heart centered approach to my work and life. This desire took me to become attuned to Reiki and learn Pranic healing. I thoroughly enjoyed peeling back the layers of who I thought I was and healing old wounds for myself and my friends. However, as incredible as Reiki is, I was only able to go so deep. Life carried on, I met the love of my life, got married, travelled and came home to work in a totally different field.

I spent the next decade assisting people with disabilities as well as becoming a mum.

The journey to parenthood was not an easy one but is by far the most rewarding role I have ever had. This experience called me to change my direction again and I spent the next few years supporting families through the Department of Communities.

Again, I loved what I was doing but the desire to go deeper was still calling. There were many layers of my own emotional pain and loss yet to heal and this lead me to explore Breathwork. I am a work in progress but I love this about life. So, I continue to work on myself, to feel all the emotions that make me human. And as I have sat with my own pain, I am able to sit with yours.

It’s an honour to do this work.

My journey to Breathwork began in 2014. I was in a funk, without direction, still grieving my Dad's passing and not overly satisfied with my life. Even though I had experienced and learnt Pranic healing, meditation, been attuned to Reiki and had numerous healings, I still hadn't found my joy, my path.

Through several Breathwork sessions I was able to safely feel and release all of the grief that I had been holding in my body, not just for my beautiful Dad but for the babies my body couldn't carry, for the bullying I endured at high school, for all of the big and small hurts that I was holding onto, too afraid to feel them again as if holding onto them kept me safe. But all it did was keep me stuck. I was so blown away by the deeply transformative aspects of Breathwork that I spent 2 years and over 450 hours learning how to become a Certified Transpersonal Breathwork facilitator, here in Perth with my incredible teacher and practitioner Claire Belton. I feel such support within the Breathwork community that I am a Professional member and Secretary of the Australian Breathwork Association.

I continue to grow and experience Breathwork and energy healing as it takes me deeper and deeper into self-awareness, freedom and joy. I would love to assist you to find yours.

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