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Your breath is the gateway to your energetic & intuitive heart….
Breathwork is a beautiful & transformative self-healing practice that can help bring you out of your mind and into your body.

It aligns you with your heart, releasing imprints you’ve embodied that have kept you stuck, paving the way for big transformation.

This incredible technique can transform your life.

A safe space for healing and transformation
Are you looking for support to resolve trauma, relieve stress, transform limiting beliefs or simply ready to breakthrough to the next level of your life’s journey?

I am a Transpersonal Breathwork facilitator, which is a beautiful combination of Breathwork and Shamanic practices that together facilitate true, lasting change.

I offer - Individual Breathwork - face to face and online

Couples Breathwork

Weekly Breathwork Circles

Multidimensional Quantum Healing

Guided Meditations & Gift Vouchers

My joy is in holding a strong, compassionate space for others who are ready to transform - to meet their potential in all areas of their lives.

I spent 450 hours over 2 years in training to become a Transpersonal Breathwork facilitator to provide me with the skills to hold such a space. I am a Professional Member and secretary of the Australian Breathwork Association.

So, if you are new to Breathwork, or looking for a practice to support you through life, dive in - you won’t regret it.

Mission | Values | Vision

I continue to grow and experience Breathwork and energy healing as it takes me deeper and deeper into self-awareness, freedom and joy. I would love to assist you to find yours.

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