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Online Course For Breathing Retraining

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Affordable breathing retraining course for snorers & all other over-breathers
i.e. anyone with the following symptoms:

Panic attacks
Upper chest breathing
Mouth breathing
Nose feels too small
Poor sleep quality

Looking to improve your quality of life, performance and recovery, as well as obtain the knowledge to help your loved ones, e.g. children?


How can breathing retraining benefit me?

Feel Healthier - Experiencing symptoms linked to unhealthy breathing? Anxiety, fatigue, foggy brain, breathlessness, panic attacks, asthma, snoring, poor sleep, tired muscles? Retraining your breathing is within your control.

Feel Empowered - We often don’t realise what tools are within our control. By understanding yourself and your breathing better, you can adapt how you perform, respond and feel. Wouldn’t you like to know how to utilise these tools?

Feel Safe - Our bodies react to stressors all day long. You can use breathing awareness to notice when your body does not feel safe and consciously control your breathing until you notice a positive calming change.

Work with me or take my online course to feel empowered to achieve things you never felt capable of before…

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Online Course For Breathing Retraining

Professional engaging on demand video tuition +

Group call support for as long as you need

What is breathing retraining?

Breathing retraining with LiNK BREATHING is the process of taking breathing habits back to basics, improving awareness, addressing unhealthy habits and gradually training new healthier breathing habits over time. Conscious breathing habits then influence subconscious breathing habits, resulting in powerful changes to mood, productivity, sleep, concentration, physical performance and relationships.

What are unhealthy breathing habits?
You may recognise the following unhealthy breathing habits as part of your usual breathing patterns.

Upper chest breathing during rest

Restricted diaphragm breathing

Intermittent breathing

Regular sighing or yawning

Regular stress breath holding e.g. during emails 'aka email apnoea'

Tongue resting in bottom of mouth

Mouth breathing


Sleep apnoea

Over breathing or hyperventilation

Shallow breathing

Fast breathing

We breathe more than 20,000 times per day. Imagine if those 20,000 were just slightly healthier each time. That is incremental improvement with very little effort.

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If you complete this course & at least five support calls, having put the suggested work in, but don't notice any positive improvement to your breathing or life, I'll happily refund you. I've not had to refund anyone yet.

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