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Pneumorphosis. In this fast modern world, it is increasingly more difficult to know who we are and what we really want.

Have you ever felt the pressure to fulfill the expectations of your parents, teachers or the community you live in?

Are you trying to fit into social norms and conform with a traditional lifestyle, only to find out that you are not being true to yourself?

The moment I started breathwork for the first time, I realized that we are capable of doing so much more than we could ever dream of. I was completely blown away by the experience.

My first breathwork experience was just as powerful as many of my psychedelic experiences, those experiences that radically changed my view on the nature of reality and transformed my life.

There is so much more to life than what is generally believed to be true in our society.

I was able to experience a deep state of consciousness, with the power of breath and heart opening music.

With the continued use of breathwork, I was able to see where I was stuck in life, what my limiting beliefs were and how they were holding me back. I realized how my lack of responsibility for my own life and victim mentality was the only thing that was standing in my way.

Mission | Values | Vision

Dissolve limiting beliefs, discover your true strength, calling and purpose through the ancient power of breath.

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