Optimising physical, mental, emotional wellbeing and performance through breathwork!

Did you ever think about what actually happens when we breathe and the effects on our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing?

Unlike other functions controlled by our autonomic nervous system, for example our heart rate, blood pressure, temperature or digestion, breathing is a two-way communication channel. Breathing is affected by our state, but we can also change our state with our breathing.

We are the only creatures on our beautiful planet who can actually take control of our breath and consciously change the way we breathe.


Therefore, being functional breathers, being able to consciously control our breath and understanding the effects of various breathing techniques is a superpower to have. Especially in our modern lives, where relying just on our automated responses in our bodies don’t serve us no longer.

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Optimising physical, mental, emotional wellbeing and performance through breathwork!

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