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Sara Lystbaek

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SOMA Breath Meditation: Self Love & Self Worth

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SOMA Breath Meditation: Self Love & Self Worth

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You have so much love to give - it's time to fully give it to yourself, to shine and radiate as you float along your day.

✨This guided SOMA Breath meditation will help you step back home into your spiritual power as a loving, radiating and empowered being.

✨ The meditation combines positive affirmations, rhythmic breathing, breath retention, and heart-pounding music to promote emotional healing, release negative thoughts, and cultivate a state of deep love and inner peace.

✨ It's a wonderful meditation for you who are seeking for greater connection with the powerful source of love, fulfillment and peace that is always inside of you. Everything you seek is already with you - it's no further away than your next breath.

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o not practice the breathing exercises if you:

• Are pregnant
• Have suffered from Epileptic attacks
• Have Cardiac Arrhythmia or a Pace Maker

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