Hi I'm Leo Daniel Ryan. I am a Personal Trainer and Breathing Coach. I am the founder of I studied Strength & Conditioning, movement, health and breathing since I healed myself of asthma in 2004.

After graduating with a MSc from University College Dublin, I continued to educate myself prolifically throughout my professional career in Ireland and internationally.

I attained multiple diplomas and certificates from many elite personal training, physical therapy and breathing schools including Dip. Buteyko Method, Wim Hof Instructor, Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Pilates teacher.

I am one of the few people in my field that understand breathing, its impacts on the whole human being, its application to life, sports performance and how to train it.

Up to 2019 I spent a lot of his time coaching one-to-one in a personal training environment. I was learning, experimenting and testing different training methodologies on my clients and I. I began my sporting career playing Gaelic football. Despite illness, I won underage championships and became a club senior member with St. Sylvesters in Dublin.

After healing my body from asthma I took up judo and became a Black Belt, I ran marathons without any specific training, I gained more than 52 lbs of muscle and I even climbed a mountain (in -10 degrees celcius!) with nothing but a pair of shorts and boots.

My clients have healed cardiovascular disease, asthma and anxiety. They’ve reduced symptoms of depression, panic, colitis and rheumatoid arthiritis. Some have gained weight, purposely and others have intentionally lost weight. The best thing is, they’ve also gone onto to return to their passions in life, like tennis, running, gaelic games and elite level sport.

My love and experience for health and physical performance led me to research more than 100 breathing techniques, mentor with coaches to Olympians, UFC Fighters, World Champions and I undertook several internships with the world renowned Dr. Eric Serrano.

I have coached hundreds of clients during my career so far. Their profiles range from Olympians to recreational sports people and those who haven't trained in a decade. I love nothing more than coaching a new client to breathe free, be strong and live their greatest life, whether that is as a partner, a career-focused person, an adventurer or a sports person.

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