Charlotte Denton is a SOMA Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Teacher.

After battling with anxiety and depression for many years she burnt out with stress and overwhelm. Knowing that there was so much more to life, she had the desire to calm down her nervous system, quieten the mind, and ground into the present moment.

In 2021, Charlotte began to delve into an array of yoga and breathwork studies and found working consciously with the breath helped her to align her inner world with love, light, happiness, grace and peace.

Breathwork, yoga and embodiment practices have transformed Charlotte’s life in so many beautiful ways. Over the years Charlotte has learnt that how you breathe is a reflection of your internal world. By learning how to harness the power of the breath, you have the ability to transform your life. Taking the time to breathe consciously allows you to experience this beautiful journey that is life. It places you within your optimum flow state, and fuels your intuition with creativity, energy, resilience, radiance, confidence and gratitude.

Charlotte is passionate about teaching others how to harness their own life force sacred energy within. Helping to cultivate trust, love and connection within the body. Aligning mind, body, soul and spirit to live a life fuelled by passion, peace, power, presence and purpose.

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