I am Marilyn Deguire, the founder of Embody Rising.

Embody Rising was birthed from my own desire to fully be present in my life experience. To truly feel joy and passion. To feel real connection and engaged in my purpose.

Bringing conscious awareness to our unconscious breathing habits is a powerful way to discover and transform how we think, feel, and behave. In other words, when we change our breath, we can take charge and change our has for me. I am here to help you on the pathway inward, to connect body, mind and spirit and feel more vitality & aliveness.
I offer my work in English and French through Online classes, 1:1 coaching and retreats.

These unique opportunities allow space to connect within and learn skills to become self-reliant.

I am a Dancer, Entrepreneur and Coach focused in sharing tools and practices to connect to your Breath & Body. At the core of my work, I help you develop dimensions of awareness and learn how to self-regulate to feel more vitality in your everyday life through Breathwork.

My journey
I am Marilyn
Twenty years ago, my journey into self-discovery began in Brazil. I started performing and through the Brazilian movement and dance, I discovered the connection to my body, sensuality and life force. Being in a different country and culture, it took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to move into more freedom. It opened me up to a whole new part of myself. Years later upon my return to Canada, I stepped back into the life I knew with the same persisting feelings of fear and limitation. These feelings were still lingering beneath the surface. While trying to fit into what was expected of me, I grew more disconnected to my sense of purpose.

Years later, I followed a strong calling to the island of Kauai where I deepened my studies in dance. Through the sacred, gentle and powerful ancestral Hawaiian dance, I experienced a profound spiritual transformation. This experience reconnected me to my spirit and sense of purpose. A new movement of life was instilled in me and I enrolled in a program to study Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), an approach which uses breath to connect to mind, body and spirit. It allowed me to go through deep transformation. With the IBP tools I learned, I was able to transform debilitating fears into a positive life force. This life force propelled me into a new chapter in my life.

In this stage of my life, my professional career took flight with dance...performing, traveling, co-producing major international samba events in Toronto and retreats in Brazil. Although I felt inspired, something was missing. The pressures and stress of work affected my health. In search of answers, this brought me to rediscoverer the breath through techniques that include functional breathing, and conscious connected breathing, allowing me to dive into the causal issues of the emotional and physical states I was experiencing. It was a process of reintegrating my body, to honor the feelings within and create a sense of safety within myself.

Breathwork is the doorway to connect to self, it's our birthright…it's so natural, its life.Integrating the breath allows me to find peace and more presence as I continue to unravel new layers in myself and make space for more aliveness.
I am deeply devoted to share this work.

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