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I'm Carla Aspesberger. First realise what you Truly are before deciding if becoming anything else is required.

I offer a middle way of de-conditioning which resets the innate baseline of your unique genius. There is no teacher student roles present, simply a friend clearing and holding up a mirror for you. I can never teach you anything you don't already know. Sometimes we just have to start removing the obstacles binding us to the ignorance so the truth can reveal itself.

I specialize in depression, trauma and true awakening through integration of altered states of consciousness, by combining breathwork, unified physics, yoga, CBT and spirituality in my approach.

My Promise to you

There are entire industries created to convince people that they need to be fixed and that they are successful only when they tick certain boxes of conditions. I used to be one of those people endlessly seeking and maybe you have also walked in my shoes.

To set the record straight, this is not the place for that!

I am not here to teach you anything, just a friend to awaken dormant knowledge within.

I am here to guide you towards unlearning and remembrance of Truths you intuitively already know.

I am here to speak to something deeper, beyond, that is listening and can Truly hear.

​That can confirm its recognition, intuition and truth through the body vehicle. I am here to guide you to natural ecstatic surrender into what Truly is. Intuition is not a knowledge that can be taught. Hence why I cant teach anything that you don't intuitively know.

I promise to guide you to meet your own wisdom that is already within.

It is time we stop over taxing the mind by praising it as the master. The mind is the central processing unit but we have given it the job of god. Overloading it with programs, conditions, information and questions to seek answers. What else did we expect other than warning signs like depression, anger, anxiety being fired?

Experience your Truth

The coaching I offer is not a product, service, technique, tool or second hand promise of happiness or awakening.

Instead I promise to offer an experience of Truth and full integration of that into your life in practical ways. Without labels or stories attached. I offer the naked truth, that so many people prefer dressed in lies and sweet stories. But it Really is the Truth that sets you Free.

If you are anything like me, it doesn't matter what advice you hear from someone else, you want to experience it for yourself. It is only once experienced that we can embody the wisdom. Thus this is a self realization experience you can verify for yourself, not a coaching therapy.

Mission | Values | Vision

Integration awareness friend. For the embodiment of Self-Realization

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