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Liberating the Natural Breath

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Liberating the Natural Breath is an online breathing journey and community created specifically to help people experiencing non-medical breathing dysfunction—such as Air Hunger, Chronic Breathing Tension, and Chronic Hyperventilation—find their way toward easeful, natural breathing. Created by a psychotherapist who found his way through Air Hunger earlier in his life and a breathing-specialized Alexander Technique teacher (see the two bios below), Liberating the Natural Breath is an innovative, thorough, and holistic approach that is founded upon long-established bodies of work. We are committed to providing a path forward for people with non-medical Air Hunger and breathing dysfunction—people who feel they can’t get a full breath—by helping them rediscover that their body does know how to breathe and can reestablish its inherent, easeful breathing if given the right support.


Liberating the Natural Breath (LNB) provides the tools, practices, and guidance you’ll need to be in the process of restoring your natural, easeful breathing. For 15-20 minutes a day, you’ll be engaging in practices that provide a basis for natural breathing. You’ll also be engaging in 15 course modules as you integrate tools and guidance into your daily practice and into your daily life. Further support is included in the form of live monthly Office Hours with the course facilitators and through the LNB Community forums. You’ll have the option of seeking additional in-person, hands-on support from a local somatic practitioner if you decide it could be useful at any point during your journey (suggestions and guidance are provided within the course). Using these resources and the ongoing support of the course structure and the growing community, you will put the tools and principles into practice and begin integrating them into your daily life, enabling you to progress toward your natural, easeful breathing.

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Finding freedom from Air Hunger and Chronic Breathing Tension. Coming home to your Natural Breathing. with Simon Spire and Amira Glaser

Liberating the Natural Breath was carefully designed by Simon Spire, a psychotherapist, and Amira Glaser, an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher who is also certified in Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing, an acupuncturist, and Simon’s life partner. The program is designed especially for those experiencing moderate to severe non-medical air hunger or breathing dysfunction. Many of the understandings and practices explored are also highly applicable to less pronounced cases and to natural breathing in general. The course and community are hosted on a learning platform named Podia for an easy and supportive experience for participants.

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