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Hi, I’m Kasia Patzelt and I am an Embodiment and Integration Coach.
I help people release tension, stress, emotional blockages, and trauma so they can come back to a wholesome, empowered and joyful state of being.

Are you sick of running around in circles? Always behind with your
to-do-list? Are you stressed, dissatisfied and feeling like it’s hard to catch your breath?
Do you have a vision of a more fulfilling life but don’t know how to get there?

The first step is as easy as taking a deep breath and letting out a sigh of relief!

Embodiment is the process by which we become fully present to our feeling capacity. It’s what makes us feel alive, nourished and full. It gives us goosebumps when listening to an amazing piece of music or being deeply touched by a story. And it’s what at the core we are all longing for- a deep sense of self, aliveness, confidence, and pleasure!

Mission | Values | Vision

Regardless of Where you are at in Life. You have the Power and Wisdom to Change within You.

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