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Inspire Breathwork

Breathwork that unites embodied social justice and breathwork with a shamanic approach. This is a community for those who want to dive with me on what loving justice can look like within our own bodies. Acknowledging our bodies as sites of activism, loving parts of our exiled selves into deep remembering. Your body remembers, let us love them back into memory.

The commitment to personal healing is a commitment to collective healing.
There are three main messages in breathwork and each breath reminds us of it, the first is the message of acceptance - learning how to accept the inhale, learning to breathe fully. The second is the message of letting go, learning to fully let go of the exhale, and the third is agency, learning that we are in control of our breath, and when we choose to breathe deeply, we choose to feel deeply, and when we choose to change our breath, we change our lives. We have the choice in every breath.

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We have the choice in every breath.

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