Limitless Living Space, Breathwork & Somatics

Have you ever noticed that your breathing changes depending on how you are feeling? Just as our physiological and emotional state directs our breath, the opposite is also true.

This means that breathing can be used as a tool: to regulate our nervous system for safety, relaxation, and restoration, to create, provide, and move energy in the body, as well as helping us to heal through understanding ourselves better, developing consistent healthy breathing patterns, and to bio-hack for transformation.

Over time, we develop habits and patterns of holding or controlling the breath in order to manage our emotions. These often later become automatic behaviours that define our lens of how we perceive and interact in the world.

Learning about our breath allows us to identify and understand this bridge, resulting in greater choice, agency, and responsibility.

Mission | Values | Vision

Individual work is collective by nature; in service of Self, many, all, none.

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