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Breathwork Adelaide

Do you have a desire to change some aspects of your life in which you are not happy?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Is there stress or trauma in areas such as work, personal or family relationships?

Do you feel grief, sadness, anxiety or other emotions controlling your life?

Have you tried many ways to heal the hurt?

​If the answer is yes to any of the above then breathwork can help you!

​Breathwork is a technique that can help you reach clarity of the mind, emotional calm, raise awareness and insight of how to change our lives which leads to raised feelings of hope, self-love, peace and harmony in your life.

Some people also seek Breathwork to heal their habits and addictions.

Breathwork can also be used as a technique to give awareness to spiritual growth of oneself.

Through Breathwork training I can help you, I will guide you through a journey to release the pains and emotional trauma that have been held within you over your life time, to gain the perspective and self-awareness you have been looking for and heal the pain from the past.

Open yourself to personal growth and change.

Breathwork is a path from stress to relaxation, pain to peace and struggle to freedom.

Mission | Values | Vision

o maintain and support my development of Professional Breathwork standards, by providing a safe supportive and confidential space, supporting my clients to discover their authentic self to a life of peace of mind, love and happiness.

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