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Resonance Frequency Breathing Online Course


You might be someone who:

has heard about breathing practices and want a place to start

want a holistic way to lower high blood pressure and improve your health

teaches yoga or other mind-body practices and want to level up your skill and knowledge

A practitioner who wants to add a highly effective method of breathing which is evidence-based.

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Resonance Frequency Breathing Online Course

Breathwork for Healing. Improve resilience, normalize blood pressure, lower stress and more. Learn how with BreathYoga.

"You will feel it immediately"

As you entrain your breath to the guided sound and visual, important shifts start to immediately take place in your body. Your heart rate speeds up and slows down perfectly in-time with your breathing. Your blood pressure synchronizes with the heart, rising and falling to allow the most oxygen rich blood to flow through your arteries. Within a few minutes you notice a gentle pulsation in your hands and face and a deep trance-like state wash over your mind and body.

Resonant Frequency Breathing

Is a simple yet powerful system of breathwork with deep benefits for your health and wellbeing. When you apply your breath in a certain frequency, you can entrain the blood pressure, heart rate variability, and brain waves to synchronize and flow together in a smooth, pleasant, and highly beneficial pattern.

Scientifically Validated

There have been hundreds of scientific studies on Resonant Frequencies showing how in just minutes a day, this breath practice:

Lowers high blood pressure

Turns on the healing side of your nervous system

Reduces chronic inflammation

Increases oxygen transfer and energy

Heals anxiety and depression

Significantly improves sleep

Balances mind and emotions

Restores wellbeing and a sense of peace

But to get these benefits you will need practice and knowledge. This course gives you both a praxis which blends yoga and meditation technique with highly motivating, knowledge of the latest scientific research.

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