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21 Day Master Your Breath Program

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Create your own breathwork practice

Develop an understanding of breathwork principles

Apply breathwork in a variety of circumstances

Relieve stress & anxiety


Science shows us that mastering your breath will improve your health, state of mind and overall wellbeing.

1. Release repressed emotions in the body
2. Make better choices in a more confident way
3. Erase negative “mental tapes”
4. Experience profound states of relaxation and calm
5. Connect with a deeper sense of who you really are
6. Enjoy more balance, mental clarity and peace
7. Access greater creativity and insights
8. Lose weight without extreme workout routines

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As society becomes more intense and technology evolves, in many ways we are moving further away from nature, from each other and from ourselves. This course helps you navigate life and it’s challenges in a grounded, centered way.

Reconnect to Self - There is a common belief that our modern lifestyle plays a large role in the often dysfunctional breathing patterns found along individuals today.

Restore the Natural Flow - By restoring the natural flow of breathing, we gain more awareness, make better choices and live in a more harmonious state.

Put simply, when we breathe better, we live better.

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    Breathless® Method
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