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3 Spots Left for Our VIP In-Person Breathwork Facilitator Retreat. Transform yourself & others in the BREATHWORK FACILITATOR PROGRAM. Empowering You to Guide Others Through Breathwork Safely.

Heal - Deepen your own breathwork practice so that you can heal past wounds and release stagnant energy.
Align - Align yourself with the messages and gifts you are here to share with the world.
Transform - Share this healing gift by leading 1:1 deep dive breathwork sessions and group sessions, building community.
Create - You get to create your tribe and add breathwork to how you help your clients transform.


​​​​​Feeling more aligned with your higher self in your life & business
Having a tool to help yourself and others breakthrough whatever blocks are present
Guiding yourself and others through deep healing to heal current lives and family stories and bring about generational healing
Connecting with your spirit guides and angels in a way you never have before
Slowing down to connect with the answers to your questions already inside you
Using this tool to provide clarity and abundance
Bringing a life-changing tool to your clients so that you can help them transform their lives!

This is just part of what you will learn from
The Breath of Gold™ Breathwork Facilitator Program

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Before Graduation, students will do the following: Take a 50 Question online exam to ensure that they have adequately learned the course materials and are competent in their knowledge and ability to lead breathwork. Attend at least 16 online group sessions and also develop a solid in-home personal practice using the breathwork recordings provided in this course. Test out by successfully leading a group session online and getting positive feedback, as well as leading a one-on-one breathwork session and getting feedback. After graduation, you are encouraged to continue your breathwork practice and do breathwork at least 1-2 times a week. You can continue your breathwork practice with a one-on-one breathwork facilitator, local or online group sessions, or in the weekly Sunday Breath of Gold™ Breathwork Membership

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