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Benefits of Joining BretathFinder

Engage More Visitors

Not everyone wants to read content. Embedding media content can help you to boost your listing engagement at ease. Turn your views into potential clients.


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Boost Revenue

Embedding your videos on our platform, increases unique view counts, Impression rates and average positioning. Video content also helps boost listing ranking on both Google and Youtube.

Beautiful Profiles

A professional profile that is search-engine optimised and includes your specialties and expertise, practice logistics, and experience. Your profile is designed to showcase your skills and strengths.

We Offer Value

Your profile is a powerful way to advertise your experience to nearby and international consumers seeking breath wellness practices. We advertise nationwide via Google and social media to promote you, placing your practice in front of an increasing audience of seekers each month.


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Are You Ready?

Start building your profile, you are in complete control of what you want to include in your listing. Once up and running upgrade anytime to our paid plans to unlock the full power of our platform.

Effective Marketing

Have the confidence to shout about you and know people are listening. We give you a professional platform to build a high quality, trustworthy profile. Get more job opportunities, more referral business, a searchable online profile and much more.

Personalised Support

We are whole heartily committed to the growth and success of your practice on our platform. Let us look after you with a dedicated Success Manager to help you build your profile and maximise your ROI.

Breathwork Niche

We focus solely on Breathwork. This means that every contact made with your business is from someone who wants to learn more from you and book one of your services.

Your Own Webpage

Your business cannot afford to be without an effective web presence. No need to incur the costs and hassle of establishing and maintaining your own website. We help Increase your brand’s visibility, showcase credibility, and build trust.

Transparent Reviews

Reviews are highly effective and regarded as trustworthy which helps build customer confidence and engagement. You can also grow your reputation and take care of your clients by responding to all reviews which helps you rank higher on multiple search results.

You Are Not Alone

We pride ourselves on transparency. We pledge to help you grow and evolve your business with continued support, feedback and training.

Insights & Analytics

Our multi-service platform provides you with analytics specifically for your listing and results of your listing. Want to know how your listing is performing? Using our built-in dashboard, track page views, bookmarks, clicks and more.


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We Promote You

We invest time and money in promoting your business. We run advertising and marketing campaigns to generate awareness in our community. We also create content that showcases their expertise using our Interview Articles and newsletter.

Trusted Partners

As a member, you are treated as a partner. We want you to succeed and grow your business. with this ethos, you help us to grow and succeed with our business.

Search Engine Visibilty

Few other breathwork niche businesses can compete with our strong organic rankings across google and other search engines. We rank in the top positions for some of the most heavily search keywords.

Value For Money

Save money on advertising and marketing at an incredible value which is tax deductible. Drive more meaningful engagement and grow your business. This helps compliment your other SEO-optimization and will gain increased brand awareness for your business.

Flourish & Grow

Expand and optimise your brand’s presence on our platform through SEO. If you have already developed your own website, you can further increase traffic to your site by including back-links to your website and social media channels. Traffic from our website will be highly qualified potential customers.

24/7 Presence

Be present 24/7 with your always-on listing pages so customers can always find you.

Any Time Zone

No need to worry if you or your potential clients are on the move, our platform will display the relevant dates and timings for Events both online and in person around the world.


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Build Brand Presence

Whether you have a local audience or an international client base, place your brand in the spotlight so consumers can find you. List your events online with complete control over the creative design.

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Increase Enrollments

Gain access to Breath Leaners around the world. Create multiple online courses and showcase aspects such as lessons, requirements, after care integration, student testimonials and more.


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Expand Your Potential

Monetise your knowledge using our promotional tools which can help you expand your reach which gives you additional earning potential for what you are passionate about.

Showcase Your Venue

Showcase your venue with a dedicated listing page, including a direct link to your website, and email inquiries sent direct to your chosen inbox.


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Perfect Venues

Show off your picture perfect properties. Get found by location & Accessibility. Promote and feature your place that captures bookers attention at every stage of their journey.

Get More Exposure

Get more exposure to retreat leaders and serious bookers via our website and social media. Give them the information they need to make the decision to book with you.


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Amplify Your Reach

Get in front of the right audience to bring more people to your retreats. Our platform is the perfect place to promote your retreat all year round.

Nourish Your Community

Serve your community by offering more to your clients in need of Breathwork. Together, we can grow your network of like-minded breath enthusiasts and lovers


Human Connection

Build trusted relationships on the ground with your Community. Human connection is more important now than ever. Let us help you grow meaningful relationships.

FAQs: Unveiling Insights About Joining BreathFinder

Questions you may have before signing up to our platform.

About Us:

We are a global social, community platform that is committed to sharing the art and science of breathwork as a tool of self-empowerment, healing and transformation using the power of breath as a daily holistic wellness practice.

Our purpose is to be a global facilitator of breath health and wellness practices through access, education and advancement of breath complementary therapies.

Our Mission:

We are a movement with a noble calling, inspired by the breath and grounded by bridging breath seekers to practitioners in our community breath collective that makes a lasting impression on this Planet. 

Together, we’re a collective of heart-centered human beings – conscious creatives, dreamers, and healers – welcome to our community.

Our community is based on relationships and all decisions made and steps taken will be with this in mind.

Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Great question! We encourage you to check out the following pages for more information:

  • For Breath Coaches & Practitioners:

How It Works

Why Join

Get Started

At BreathFinder, building trust is at the core of our brand. As a quallfied practitioner, you have been meticulously selected and have passed all five stages of the BreathFinder Qualification process.

Once approved, it is important your profile remains current and reflects any relevant changes that may have occurred in your business. You can update your details directly by logging into your dashboard. All significant changes and/or documentation will be required to be verified before being added to your profile.

To ensure quality control and maintain the integrity of BreathFinder’s reputation, our team will also conduct annual reviews of our practitioner profiles. If there are any significant changes, we will be in contact to discuss any remedial action needed to be taken.


To remain on the platform, we require you to provide a current certificate of currency on its renewal. This is usually on an annual basis. If you have elected to pay your insurance premium on a monthly debit basis, we ask that you still provide us with the current certificate of currency for our records.

If an insurance policy does go out of date, you will be notified through a series of emails. These notifications will commence a fortnight out from your expiry date, and assistance provided if required. Once the expiry date has been reached, and if no current insurance details are provided, your profile will be hidden from the platform until insurance details are received.

Association memberships, Foundations and qualifications

Memberships of associations, foundations, education and training, qualifications may have changed after your profile was approved. You can submit any documentation to support these changes directly through your dashboard. Once received, it will go through our vetting process and verified before reflected onto your profile.

Once approved, you will be able to connect the appropriate qualification to the relevant service offering.

Regulated practitioners

For practitioners who are registered with Associations & Foundations your registration needs to remain current with the appropriate national body. We request that you inform us of any significant changes and/or de-registration.

The practitioner team will also conduct a review of de-registrations as part of their annual review.

Underlying everything we do is a behavioral science research approach and data-centric thinking that enables us to direct clients to the right practitioners. We empower clients in a number of ways from using our Robust Mega-Filter (search) system to an intuitive quiz (Coming Soon) that will guide clients to specific practices to try and the practitioners that specialize in them, whether they are close in location or have a remote offering. Search filters will be determined by location, client preferences, and reviews.

We invite our practitioners to contribute original written content to increase their exposure through events, courses, videos, reviews and articles as a subject matter expert and industry thought leaders.

Other opportunities to share your knowledge and contribute to the BreathFinder community are available.  Please contact us for more information.

By joining BreathFinder as a practitioner, you benefit from our comprehensive marketing, brand and communications programs, developed and run by our team of experts in content generation, social media, SEO, digital marketing, email marketing and public relations. Our marketing is designed to help you amplify your personal brand reach, grow your business and generate clients.  BreathFinder has a dedicated, proactive marketing and communication team who manage the social media channels, create marketing and PR campaigns, produce consumer newsletters and work in multiple ways to promote the platform to ensure maximum reach.

You can learn more about all the reasons to join on our Why Join page.

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