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Awair Breath

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Circular Connected Breathwork Journey

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Circular Connected Breathwork Journey

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A practice to experience a short breathwork journey. Reset the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, and prepare for your day with breathwork. There are so many benefits, this is a practice for you to become familiar with my style. Please read below if this is your first time.

It is highly recommended you participate in one of our live sessions so your facilitator can guide you appropriately and safely.

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Contraindications & Disclaimer

Do not do breathwork if you have any of the following counterindications: high blood pressure or cardiovascular issues, stroke, seizures or epilepsy, pregnancy, glaucoma or eye surgeries, recent surgeries or bone injuries, psychosis, bi-polar or on medication for mental concerns, clinical anxiety, asthma or respiratory issues. You should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during breathwork. ONLY perform breathwork while lying down in a safe and relaxing environment. Do not drive while doing breathwork.

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