Hi! I’m Chauna (Sha-NUH).

Chauna Bryant is a Breathwork Meditation facilitator, Pilates, and GYROTONIC® Instructor and founder of Breath Liberation Society.

She is dedicated to body and mind rejuvenation. With 15 years of experience, Chauna assists her clients in cultivating their mind, body, and breath alignment. She revolutionizes her multiple practices by integrating her multiple expertise into enriching client-specific experiences.

Dedicated Pilates clients will cultivate stronger, leaner bodies while benefiting from breath-activating energy work with her methods. Participants in her private, group and corporate Breathwork Meditation sessions benefit from her multifaceted experience and singular approach.

When possible, Chauna offers Virtual breathing circles at inclusive pricing: a sliding scale pay structure and scholarships are available.

You can catch her free, guided Breathwork Meditations on YouTube, InsightTimer, and InstagramTV.

In the Spring of 2021, Chauna founded Breath Liberation Society (BLS). Breath Liberation Society is a radically inclusive, diverse, and trauma-informed Breathwork Community; Breath Liberation Society is committed to cultivating liberation and transformation through the breath.

Breath Liberation Society hosts a yearly Breathwork Facilitator Training, and will soon offer educational virtual summits for Breathwork Facilitators from all teaching lineages. For more information visit and join the newsletter.

Frankie Hugh Clinic, a seasonal community space opened in August 2021. FHC offers private Breathwork sessions (led by the BLS apprentices) at low cost, sliding scale rates. Proceeds from the clinic go to the scholarship fund for Future Breathwork Facilitators.

Chauna says, it is essential that Breathwork be accessible for everybody: the wellness Breathwork offers must be made accessible to all people regardless of financial means, education level, gender, sexual orientation, and background.

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