Hi I'm Sapphire Leena. Blessed to have been born in Ibiza with Ibicenco-Canadian parents, Sapphire was totally influenced by the sun, sand and sea of the Island which had a huge impact on her love of synchronised swimming (competing at a national level) her love for animals and Nature too.

She left to University in Canada when she was 17 and was away travelling for approximately 9 years. It is now that Sapphire realizes that she was ultimately chasing her happiness as she battled with severe Bulimia and depression trying to figure out her purpose along the way.

During this time, she became a makeup artist, studied the basics of Chinese medicine and dived deeply into her yoga practice. Yoga became her medicine and her refuge. Sapphire practiced for many years around the world, ultimately completing her teacher training in India.

It was in Bali where she went to practice even more yoga, that she stumbled unknowingly upon Breathwork. During that first class, Sapphire went through an amazing experience and knew she had to spread the word and share the magic of this practice.

She is now dedicated to holding space for others to heal and for transformations to occur within them both through yoga and Breathwork.

Sapphire is deeply devoted to this path finding much love and passion with it.
She finds a deep connection and recognition with those dealing with eating disorders knowing only too well that she could only receive help from someone who had been through a similar situation to herself.

She now teaches around the world wherever this work is calls her to go. Her base is in Ibiza and offers sessions both from private homes or in her own studio on the North of the island.

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