n my early days as professional flute player I encountered on and off pains in neck- shoulders- hands and back. When playing standing up a long time, my legs got tense and breathing became more difficult . I had learned to brace myself and hold my body still for “ergonomic” purpose, but exactly that was the source of my problems..

Having to “allow” movement without “adding” movement was a bit of a problem. Great players move in a “natural” way. Telling someone to “play freely” doesn’t work : it’s like cueing the goal without the process..

Becoming a teacher of Body Mapping meant a first big step in finding freedom and understanding movement within music making.

Suffering from a lung collapse as a result of “breathing exercises” made me realize that we have only one body….

I started to read and practice all I could find about breathing , anatomy and physiology. I discovered the intimate connection between intentional breathing and physiology .

Taking motorcycle lessons made me see analogy in use of direction, speed and leverage in phrasing and body use.

Becoming a Franklin method Movement teacher after 3 years of training vastly expanded my view.

Combining what I learned with my own experience in playing and teaching have made it a pleasure to play music and move in general.

I discovered not only how to play freely or to avoid injury , but how to continuously expand my potential and well-being .
Sharing this incredible path of change is my life- goal.

Breathing for Pros means breathing for Professionals but is also a tribute to my beloved father who was called Pros (Prosper).

His support, enthusiasm and knowledge of art and beauty are always with me.

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