The Purpose of Humanity is to Develop Consciousness

After starting our inner journey through meditation and Buddhist training 20 years ago we feel ready to share what we have learned in the field of breathing, meditation and energywork backed by Eastern knowledge and neuroscience. We were encouraged by the people attending our sessions to focus fully on our passion to help others to become the best version of themselves. We love to share skills that can make you feel whole, connected, focused, happy and aware. Honoring the lineages of teachers that came before us and inspired us: Stan Grof, Ram Dass, Sogyal Rinpochee, Dilgo Kyentse Rinpochee, Mingyur Rinpochee, Jack Kornfield, Krishna Dass, and many, many more...

Our life purpose became very clear when our minds merged in a deep meditative Divine union experience. A merging of male and female energy, of Shiva and Shakti, into clear light. Breathwork and energywork introduced us to our own inner guidance and allowed us to break free from old patterns and tensions.

Two of the most powerful vehicles on this inner path are breathwork and energywork. Breath and energy actually are one force, in Sanskrit it is even one word, Prana. Prana is unlimited and accessible for everyone, no exclusion. You only have to open up and surrender.

There are many meditation, breathing and energy techniques, and all have their specific effect on our body, mind and soul. For us using these techniques has been extremely effective in our personal development, on our path to self-discovery through all the layers of our being. Breath and Energy connects and opens up all these layers.

So, what are these beautiful layers of our being?
The physical layer of your body and feeling through your senses.
The layer of the conscious mind where the mind is a seeker, and your thoughts are connected to specific emotions.
The SUBconscious layer of the mind (which is more then 90% of our consciousness) which stores everything you have ever experienced in the past; in your current live, through your ancestors, to inner childhood, to earlier lives.
The layer of the soul, the witness, white light, where there is no ego, no thoughts, no time, no place, the place before birth, the space beyond death. Bliss, happiness, non-duality and oneness. The place where there is only unconditional love, purity and clarity.

All layers are equally important and interconnected. Through your breath and energy, you can connect to them and it is possible to explore all states of consciousnesses through these layers. From beautiful physical experiences to profound and deep states of unconditional love. Your breath and energy are very intelligent and brings the power to that what you need at that moment.

Breath and energy are transformative powers. By sharing our experiences, we feel that we do our utmost to create an atmosphere to explore yourself on the beautiful path. We are fully committed to this purpose. As spiritual guides we use powerful and compassionate tools to develop your consciousness: your breath and your energy. We offer this in group sessions, sessions for couples or friends and individual sessions. We combine energy work and breath work, guided by evocative music, warm scents (oil, incense) and intense sounds (shamanic drums, sound bowls).

Another powerful tool to explore yourself and have profoundly liberating experiences are sacred plant medicines. We provide a safe and loving environment by guiding these ceremonies with love and patience.

​May you be happy and may you be healthy by following the path of your inner journey. We invite you to join and share our experiences by surrendering to your inner path.

In love,
Nicole and Peter

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