When I started Breathing Journeys back in 2014, it was because I wanted to provide unique healing and transformation using a simple format with practical benefit and relevance to people’s daily lives.

I’ve been using breathwork to help people improve their lives for over a decade now. And I am constantly surprised by the immense possibilities of this process, as well as the courage of the people who trust breathwork to help heal major trauma or to explore something new.

Maybe you feel like you’ll never get through your issues, or you just need some encouragement and nudging in the right direction. I don’t know the depth of what you’re going through or what you have been through, but I’d like to help.

I'm a Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner with particular expertise in working with sexual trauma and abuse, helping clients to resolve and reclaim the past so they can feel empowered to live fulfilling lives. My current professional practice is based in my home village of Comrie in Scotland, although I work with clients online from around the world.

I run regular workshops, online courses and trainings for counsellors and other therapists to help them integrate breathwork into their own practice. For current trainings see:

I see the breath as an important tool for helping us heal our individual and collective traumas, to let go of our conditioning and connect more deeply to who we are.

I qualified as a rebirther and breathwork facilitator with the Air School of Breathwork UK in 2013. I also gained with Zentium International from Australia (2009 and 2010) and Sundoor International fro the USA USA(2008).

My previous working life included seven years as a hydrogeologist and environmental consultant followed by seven years running a walking holiday tour operator in Scotland. The next 10 years saw me employed as a tour guide in Scotland whilst training as a Rebirther and developing my Breathwork practice.

I'm also a singer-songwriter sang have gigged regularly around Scotland, a keen hill and ultra runner and (now occasional) wild swimmer.

If you want to connect with me to find out more about breathwork and how it could help you in your life or work message me and we can set up a time to talk.

Have a beautiful day.

John Paul

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