Kerry Veitch journey now is to continue to create spaces for people to connect and inspire, but also with the held intention being, to spread the incredible and transformational work that can be done simply by using the breath.

Kerry has been connected with rebirthing breathwork since 1993 and is a certified practitioner with two different schools. She now focuses now on embodiment practices such as Internal Family Systems and Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing, using a trauma informed approach. Kerry is a trainer with AIR School of Breathwork and Alchemy of Breath, guiding & supporting students through deep personal processes to achieve a qualification in breathwork facilitation. She loves sharing the healing power of the breath with others, by holding retreats, weekly online group sessions, 1:1 sessions, and her deepest love, warm water rebirthing.

Kerry also co-founded and is the festival director of the UK’s first Breathwork Festival which is an annual event started in 2018, celebrating all kinds of breathwork. Kerry’s very grounded nature holds a very safe space for breather(s), holding them in their highest potential and being committed to the unfolding of each person’s own journey which of course is guided perfectly by our breath.

Kerry has recently been voted in as the National Representative for the UK with the International Breathwork Foundation, and is a practitioner member of the Global Professional Breathwork Association. She holds much gratitude for all her teachers along her path, but more so her Auntie Lynn Veitch who has been a breathwork practitioner for nearly 40 years.

Transforming unusual spaces into areas where arts can meet, inform and inspire people of all backgrounds, ages and cultures has been in Kerry’s calling from very early on. This passion for creating spaces for people to connect and inspire continued with work that sees Kerry producing an area of Glastonbury Festival for the last decade.

Kerry has also been fortunate to have experienced & trained in Focusing, EFT & Co-Active Coaching & TRE.


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