Hannah Kendaru is an experienced Indonesian-English breathwork therapist with a diverse training history. Her training includes the Alchemy of Breath Breathwork Practitioner and Facilitator Training, as well as Women & Power: Reclaiming & Reimagining Power in the World Today, Path of the Shamanic Warrior at The Sanctuary, Embodied Social Justice with EmbodyLab, Somatic Abolitionism Anti-Racism Course with Resmaa Menakem, Positive Discipline at The Eden School, Mindfulness for Stress Release MBSR at The Eden School, and the Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma at the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine.

In the last 8 years, she has found the importance of bodies as a sites of wisdom and of activism. Guided by ancestors, teachers, mentors, advanced trauma training and indigenous wisdom she weaves together personal healing and social justice serving for radical change.

With the currents of dominant supremacy culture heavily pedalling colonialism, exploitation and disconnection, it is no wonder that disembodiment has been the only way to tolerate life's atrocities. Honouring this adaptation, and honouring the charge of history, I use the breath to slow down. Breathwork and embodiment brings us back into the deep remembrance of what freedom really means, remembering our souls and spirit through resilience and imagination, to remember our wisdoms.

Our commitment to this is to ensure that we reclaim our power by reclaiming our breath from the moment we lost it. The work we do honours who you are right now, honours the path you have taken and honours the path ahead. We do not walk this earth alone, we are not here by pure coincidence, we have always been people in context.

Trauma is all about speed, and here with the breath we slow everything down. We notice, we listen and we hold what is fully here.

Inspire Breathwork is about the reclamation of space, the reclamation of life, the reclamation of freedom. We can learn to improve our relationship to your history, to our inherited oppressions, to our relationship with nature and the land and the gifted wounds we have inherited through intergenerational and historical trauma. Breathwork is a powerful and safe practice to attend to these wounds.

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