I have been fascinated by the connection with the breath since I can remember. As a child I already found its fascinating thread of connecting the various worlds I inhabited: meditating and creative writing, moving my body through expressive dance and yoga and during my travels to other worlds and times through the astral realm and my inner visions.

In my professional life, breathwork has been with me and evolved as I began a more formalized Yoga practice in 1999. I was introduced to a conscious connected breath practice in 2004 as an integration tool for a plant medicine journey. Each time since, during work with various plant medicine experiences, breathwork was often incorporated and felt just as powerful as the entheogen itself.

I completed my Breathwork Certification with Clarity Breathwork in 2012, have been teaching full time ever since, and began training facilitators in 2014. Prior to this, I founded a Yoga Alliance school, Seaside Yoga, originally based in Wilmington, NC until 2010, when I moved to Central America.

I draw on my original education in occupational therapy, my love of neuroscience, transpersonal psychology and trantric philosophies as the theoretical framework that inspires me and is woven into the teachings of The Body of Breath method.

During the 13 years of living in Nosara, Costa Rica, I have been a part of many plant medicine healing experiences, working primarily with Iboga from 2013-14 and now solely with breathwork, art expression, and small dose support with psilocybin.

I am currently completing a memoir of my experiences using breathwork and plant medicine to heal my birth and early childhood traumas. I was adopted into my family at the age of 2 months and found my biological lineage in 2021, which confirmed for me that our epigenetic and ancestral influences affect our present moment, whether we realize them fully or not.

I live in Nosara, Costa Rica and offer small group facilitator trainings both in person and through the distance.

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