‏‏Hi, I'm Tracy Hewson and I'm passionate about all things Yoga, Breathwork and Holistic Life Coaching. I am excited to share a little bit about my journey with you. I've always believed in moving the body. We were born to move and without movement the mind and body remain a little stagnant. Yoga and the breath invites that essence of feeling alive into the cells of your being and Breathwork transforms the person who is willing to grow, change and open their wings to fly...

Coming from a dance background I love to flow through life with ease and grace and I must admit my teaching naturally gravitates towards a flow style of practice. The style of Yoga I teach is Hatha or Classical Yoga. I am a qualified Yoga teacher with the IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association) and a practitioner, group facilitator and teacher trainer in Breathwork with the ABA (Australian Breathwork Association). I absolutely love this therapeutic healing modality and I am enjoying interweaving the metaphysics of Breathwork through all of my teachings.

I am passionate about anatomy and have completed advanced studies to really know my bones, tendons and ligaments to be sure alignment is relayed to my students for their strength, stability and safety. My teachings are grounded in breath and mindfulness. I teach with compassion and empathy, holding space and giving permission to experience whatever is there in the moment. Sharing Yoga, Breathwork and Holistic Life Coaching with others, fills me with joy and I am grateful for every opportunity to meet people where they are at.

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