Hey! I’m Casey.
My journey to becoming a Breathwork Practitioner has been unexpected to say the least. The truth is at the beginning of 2022 I was riddled with anxiety and diagnosed with severe depression after the ‘dream job’ I’d moved and got a mortgage for, turned out to be quite the opposite. I decided to move back to an industry I loved, and joined the Cool2BeConscious Breathwork Practitioner training at the time, simply to engage in healthier modalities, meet new people and to bring new energy into my life.

In my experience, Breathwork works in a way where a seed is planted during an initial experience and then waits for the perfect timing to flourish into something unexplainable. It could be days, weeks, months or even years, until you are ready. For me, it was the latter.

You see, I first learned about the breath back in 2018 during my Yoga Teacher Training in Indonesia. It was the philosophy of yoga that had drawn me in, and it was here I learned that the breath comes before movement, guiding all that we do.

I returned two years later as an Assistant on my Yoga Teacher’s next training and it was during this time in Ubud, that I experienced my first 1 hour breathwork journey. Looking back it was an extremely profound experience but at the time, I put a lot of what I’d experienced down to being at a crossroads after heartbreak and ‘feeling emotional’ with the ending of a long-term relationship.

Fast forward and the moment finally came during my Breathwork Practitioner training where everything I’d learned on my travels, all the self-enquiry, the teachers I’d studied under, my time spent living as an au pair, recovering from a serious nerve injury, previous jobs and projects that I’d started and never finished, finally came together. Not to mention everything I was learning (and am still learning) from dating a beautiful man with three children.

For me, the planets had aligned and I now understand the value of the breath in regulating our nervous system, offering us so much more choice in how we respond to life.

Breathwork has helped me shed layers of accumulated stress and tension from my body, dissolve feelings of depression and anxiety, trust myself and my experience of life, switch off the thinking mind and get into the body, tap into my intuition, find peace and process experiences, express my truth and ultimately, to find joy, love and compassion in both the light and the dark in life.

Imagine the general everyday angst in your heart dissolving for good. For the first time in a long time you feel lighter. Imagine a life where social anxiety, panic attacks and months or years of depression are a thing of the past. Imagine feeling so safe and secure to be authentically you that your friends and family start noticing the effects themselves just from being around you. Imagine your body parts working again in perfect synchronicity, feeling full of energy and excitement. You feel grounded, patient and loving and just imagine the ripple effect that will have on your children.

This is the power of nervous system regulation and I assure you it is possible.

I’ve got a feeling you’ve been on quite the journey as well and so, I’ve created Regulate Your State as a platform dedicated to making Breathwork accessible. I truly believe these teachings are universal to us as humans, helping us peel back the layers and embrace all that remains.

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