Meet Antosh, a seasoned Breathworker, and nervous system resiliency mentor. His transformative journey began in 2007 when he emerged from the depths of chronic depression and stress-induced burnout.

Fueled by a passion for holistic well-being, Antosh embarked on a profound exploration of embodiment, drawing wisdom from the realms of Tantra, Western psychology, Yoga, and meditation. Through his journey, the breath became apparent as the foundational key to all self-development and mindfulness practices.

With a solid foundation in science (holding a Bachelor of Science degree), Antosh has devoted his life to empowering others through the transformative power of embodied living. He understands the significance of honoring the nervous system, the human neurobiological system and embracing the power of the breath to delve deep into the untapped realms of the subconscious.

Antosh's commitment to personal growth continues, studying to expand his knowledge in Psychology, with a Graduate Diploma of Psychology with Monash University in NSW, Australia. Antosh's goal is to obtain his qualifications as a registered Psychologist to bridge the gap between Western psychological sciences with the esoteric wisdom of the East. Below you'll find his relevant qualifications to put you at ease regarding his professionalism and devotion to continually developing himself, and his practice.

Antosh is currently residing and Bridgetown, Western Australia and offering breathwork services to the South-West.

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