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Breathing Journeys is a ‘more than profit’ organisation which facilitates spiritual journeys using the breath.

We do this through a range of programmes that allow individuals an experience of spiritual reality within the context of their own beliefs. At the heart of our ethos is a deeply held desire for spiritual awakening as a practical reality which then informs our actions throughout all aspects of our lives.

We do not profess to be in any way more informed on matters of spirit than any other system, however we do believe that breathing in the way that we promote offers a highly effective, safe and self-empowering methodology for individuals to grow spiritually and flourish in all aspects of their lives. It is also highly accessible.

We believe that spiritual connection is not only an aspiration but a daily physical reality. In many cultures the word for soul or spirit is the same as the word for breath. We are literally breathing spirit every second of our waking lives. When we learn how to harness this connection we step onto the pathway of self awareness, self love and self mastery, guided by grace. When rooted in everyday life, application of spiritual awareness allows our highest intentions for ourselves to be made manifest in ways that we could never imagine.

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We endeavour to ensure that all relationships throughout our business should be win-win. This includes ourselves as a profit making organisation, our clients, our staff, our suppliers and the environment.

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