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We are all living in a hectic world, under constant pressure. Our whole system is in constant alert, ready to fight or flight. All the stresses, traumas and emotions that we experienced become stuck in our body and affect our health and wellbeing.

At Lotus Balance I create a safe, compassionate, and nonjudgmental space needed to release old emotional and energetical blockages that may have been accumulated over the years. I approach my work from four directions Breath, Touch, Movement and Resonance. All treatments are balanced out in a bespoke manner relative to my clients’ needs. Breath is a gateway between outer and inner world. Touch is a basic connection with other human being and physical support. Movement is what we all need in order to be alive and healthy. Resonance means to feel on a deepest and most subtle levels. My work is to bring these four elements back into balance in your mind body and soul and guide you on your return journey to your true nature.

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My life purpose is to support people to reconnect with the bodies, to create a safe space to experience and feel what was pushed to unconscious and inspire to live fuller life in harmony with yourself.

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