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These workshops are the result of decades of exploration and study. They are “born” from my early problems with hyperventilation, pains and aches, and collapsed lung as a result of doing “breathing exercises” Nevertheless they are not about “problems” or about how to “avoid” them. They are about becoming truly “free”.

Whatever your starting point, you will improve and feel better, and you will understand why. All content is evidence based and based on recent science.
You will be able to regain and expand this upward feeling on and on and on.

We will do this by looking at breathing in context with other factors like posture, tension, movement, physiology, anatomy and more.

Using a unique process to understand optimal function mentally And on a physical level , this path will help you also to be a better and happier player and teacher.

Mission | Values | Vision

You will get a deeper understanding of what good breathing Is and Why.

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